A Survival Horror Roguelike by Ben 'Yahtzee' Croshaw

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The Consuming Shadow is a procedurally-generated horror adventure game with a Lovecraftian theme and gameplay inspired by such things as FTL: Faster Than Light, Eternal Darkness, and the board game Arkham Horror.

The country has been plunged into a mysterious darkness, from which hideous creatures are spawning, spreading chaos from town to town. But these events are merely the herald for the arrival of a terrifying ancient god, due to appear at Stonehenge in seventy-two hours.

You must travel from town to town, exploring dungeons and exterminating the minions of the shadow, in order to gather the four components of the Banishment Ritual, a four-rune mantra which, when cast at Stonehenge, will stop the evil god from entering our realm.

But it's not as simple as that. As well as the ritual, you must also determine which god, out of three possible candidates, is the invader, as banishing the wrong one will result in failure. And even getting as far as the ritual will mean surviving countless trials with your body and mind intact.

Try not to go mad and shoot yourself. This is important.

  • Side-on survival horror dungeons mixing exploration with combat

  • Deductive puzzle gameplay - gather clues as to the gods' colours, runes, loyalties and responsibilities to narrow down the identity of the invader

  • Random events and dungeons ensure that every playthrough is different

  • Sanity mechanics make your own mind potentially your biggest threat

  • Roguelike perma-death mechanics: each time you die, the game world resets, randomly re-assigning the gods

  • Level-up system: carry experience over from your previous lives to upgrade yourself in the next

Get involved!

This freeware release is a beta. My intention is to get feedback from players and put that towards a fuller version of the game with more features. If you have feedback, click here to send an email.

Version History

- Job payment is now partially based on distance to town
- Jobs screen now shows distance and vague direction to town
- New job: Single monster fights (similar to combat encounters on the road)
- You must now complete dungeon jobs before you can receive payment
- Texts and encounters that interrupt car journeys now resume journey automatically when resolved (except when a new quest begins or your position is changed)
- Lockpicking now shows percentage chance of success
- You no longer lose sanity for fleeing from hunter enemies
- Rooms with unrecovered loot now show up yellow on the minimap
- Added couple more tutorial messages to clarify new controls
- Enemies now only start making noise when they're close enough

- Fixed an error that crashed the game if you tried to get equipment when all equipment has been acquired
- Fixed that darn 'spawning trapped inside a wall' bug
- Hospitals will now treat severe bleeding before other wounds
- Fixed flying insect monsters getting stuck outside the room
- Fixed loot items dropped by monsters ending up outside the room
- 'Shoot yourself' trap now only appears when sanity falls below 75%
- Fixed an error wherein the Ministry kept sending the same gameplay tip over and over
- Fixed arriving in a town with an injured passenger preventing quest events
- Fixed lockpicking icon not appearing on east/west doors when player has zero picks
- Raised pitch on sounds made by the smaller puker to differentiate it from the bigger, stronger puker
- A few tweaks to monster behaviour

- Added keyboard controls and right click to melee
- Fixed game crashing when attacking the Tall Man
- Fixed ladder disappearing in endgame dungeon
- Stopped clicking the bottom-centre button when clicking messages away
- Made Pentagram Necklace less overpowered
- Fixed being able to cast magic infinitely while under the effects of drugs
- Stopped the Fat Man from infinitely respawning when killed