Game script by Benjamin Croshaw




No Experience Necessary is an FPS game in which the player controls a man called Richard DeFoe. The action is seen entirely through his eyes and never cuts away. The game starts with Richard waking up in his apartment watching television, which begins to show alarming messages addressing Richard personally. He is hounded from his apartment and subtly lured to a warehouse where he is offered a job by a mysterious shadowy figure known only as 'AJ'. Richard, having no friends or family, is forced to work as a field operative - grease monkey if you like - for a secret organisation which only employs people who have no ties to the world around them. The organisation is never named. Over time, the player will be given missions along the lines of theft and assassination, before learning of the Company's sinister agenda. Richard escapes from them, only to be hunted all over the country by his fellow agents. He receives assistance from another organisation set up by other ex-agents to combat the Company, and in the end finds himself in a position to save mankind from the evil that threatens it.

The game will be mission-based, but the missions will be blended almost seamlessly into the game, Deus Ex-style.



SUBJECT: Richard Arbuthnot DeFoe

D.O.B: 24/5/1983

AGE: 22

SEX: Male


RACE: Caucasian

HEIGHT: 6'1"

WEIGHT: 150lbs

BUILD: Medium-light

HAIR: Short, black

EYES: Brown


24th May 1983: Born to Laura DeFoe (unknown father) at John Craven Memorial Hospital, Coventry, UK

1991-1995: St. Teresa's Middle School, Coventry, UK.

1995-2001: Lawrence Sheriff Grammar School, Rugby, UK. GCSE exams 1999 passed with honours. A-Level exams 2001 passed with honours.

2001-2002: Warwick University.

16th Jun 2002: Death of Laura DeFoe (overdose)

November 2002: Drops out of Warwick University. Rents flat on Margaret Ave., Coventry, UK.

2002-2003: Employment at Sainsbury's supermarket, Churchill St., Coventry, UK.

2003-2005: Claiming unemployment benefit.






Hiring process instigated 5/7/2005 by Agent 2771 'AJ'



Richard DeFoe was born in Coventry, England and still lives there. The son of an ex-prostitute and an unknown father, he became very withdrawn early in life, having few friends at school and university. After the death of his mother in 2002, he lost the only person he had ever felt close to, and became something of an urban hermit, living alone in a one-bedroomed flat in Coventry. Claiming unemployment benefit and having no friends or family, he is spotted by the mysterious Company. The Company is covertly engineering the course of mankind towards an unknown destination, and are known to no one, which is why they only employ people with no ties to the outside world.

Like Gordon Freeman in Half-Life, Richard never speaks while the player plays the game through his eyes. In appearance he is slovenly, of medium height and not particularly muscular, with greasy black hair and an unshaven chin.




Richard can walk, run, jump, crouch, crouch-walk, turn, strafe, swim and lean around corners.

For the first part of the game Richard can only run at a maximum of a reasonably fast jogging speed and jump about a foot into the air; when the plot dictates that he acquires a special tactical nanotech suit (TNS), he can move faster and jump higher. His aim with firearms before acquiring the TNS is rather poor, and melee weapons do less damage.

Richard can swim when underwater, but without his TNS he moves slowly and keeps floating rapidly up to the surface. With the TNS, he swims much faster and stronger.

There is also a stealth element in No Experience Necessary; Richard can sneak away from guards if he doesn't make too much noise. Moving slower and crouching reduces sound and visibility, and the TNS also reduces movement noise.

2.1.2 DAMAGE

Richard has six hit areas on his body - head, torso, and all four limbs. Each has 100 hit points. If he runs out of HP in either of the first two areas, he dies. If he loses the use of one arm, he cannot use two-handed weapons. Two arms, and he cannot use weapons at all. One leg, and he cannot jump or move faster than a walk. Two legs and he ends up crawling on the floor. If he loses all four limbs, he lies still for ten seconds before dying of blood loss, unless he heals himself, which he cannot do without a TNS.

Each hit area loses HP when it is attacked. When Richard falls long distances, his legs lose HP. When he runs out of oxygen underwater, his torso loses HP. When he is exposed to radiation, extreme temperature or chemical hazards, all hit areas lose HP at a rate depending on how intense the threat is.

When Richard dies, he collapses upon the floor and, if wearing a visor, it will display the cause of death in the centre of his view.






(Explaining the latter: when given a mission by the mysterious Company, if Richard fails irreversibly in his mission objectives, the chip placed inside his brain will deliver a fatal electric charge.)



Initially, there is no HUD on-screen. Richard later acquires a visor which displays one. The visor is NOT a part of the TNS, so he can have the two things separately. So the limitations he bears when not wearing a TNS still apply even if he has a HUD visor.



All weapons and items are picked up by touching them. Bodies are picked up by crouching next to them and pressing the 'use' key. If Richard cannot pick up something (if he is carrying too much) then either nothing will happen (if he has no HUD visor) or a message in the centre of his view will tell him that he is carrying too much.

When Richard picks up a weapon, the HUD tells him which one it is and indicates which of the four weapon slots corresponds to it. He can draw it by pressing the appropriate number. Items, when picked up, appear in the centre of the HUD before disappearing, to be consigned to the inventory.


Weapons are displayed in the top-left. Richard can drop the weapon he is currently holding by pressing the 'drop weapon' key. When no weapon is selected, either after a weapon is dropped or the 'holster weapon' key is pressed, pressing the 'attack' key makes Richard throw a punch (a stronger punch when the TNS is worn).

When Richard's hands are visible (eg when using a weapon or item) they can appear in one of two ways, depending on whether the TNS is worn. Without a TNS they are normal with a red jumper sleeve. With a TNS his hands and arms are covered in a shiny black material.

Weapons can be in one of four forms: Melee, Handgun, Rifle, Heavy or Thrown.

MELEE weapons are wielded in one or two hands, depending on the size of the weapon. Without a TNS Richard hits at a rather slow rate. With a TNS he hits faster and harder. If Richard hits an unsuspecting NPC in the head with a melee weapon, the NPC will fall automatically unconscious.

Examples: Iron bar, combat knife, machete

HANDGUNs are just that; guns carried in one hand. Without a TNS Richard's aim is poor and he is slow to reload. With a TNS he has a steadier hand and reloads faster. Some handguns can be fitted with a silencer.

Examples: Revolver, nailgun, tazer gun

RIFLEs are larger, two-handed weapons, some of which can also be fitted with a silencer. Again, without a TNS Richard's aim is bad and he reloads slower. If the player uses a sniper scope without a TNS the sights move around alarmingly. With a TNS, they move to a lesser degree. Automatic rifles also tend to recoil sharply when Richard uses them without a TNS.

Examples: 9mm assault rifle, sniper rifle, shotgun

HEAVY weapons simply cannot be used without a TNS. They are usually two-handed and cause a lot of damage, pushing Richard back a little whenever he uses them.

Examples: Rocket launcher, plasma cannon

THROWN weapons are one-handed. Richard can throw further and higher when he gets a TNS. Sometimes rocks can be picked up and treated as thrown weapons; they don't cause too much damage unless they hit someone in the head, but they also make a noise and cause a distraction which can be very useful if a guard is somewhere he shouldn't be.

Examples: Fragmentation grenades, gas grenades, rocks



Inventory items can be used at any time - the player can press the 'use item' key to operate the item currently visible in the inventory window. By pressing the 'drop inventory' key, Richard discards whatever item is currently in the inventory window. Sometimes Richard will have to carry key items, such as keys or certain artefacts a mission dictates he must have, but for the most part he will mainly be carrying hypos.

The TNS uses a very sophisticated layer of nanites within the fabric to work upon the wearer's muscular tissue and enhance his or her physical ability, but Richard can carry one-use nanite hypos which will introduce new, specially-programmed nanites that will cause the TNS to create certain temporary effects. It of course goes without saying that hypos cannot be used without a TNS. Here are some examples.

Regenerative hypo: hypos which introduce special nanites that regenerate damaged tissue. They come in three sizes - Small, Medium and Large. Small hypos add 10HP to each Hit Area, Medium ones add 30, and the rarer Large ones add 60.

Booster hypo: For a short period, Richard can run faster, jump higher, swim stronger and lose less HP when he falls long distances. When using melee weapons he has a faster hit rate and hits harder.

Stoneskin hypo: The fabric of the TNS becomes much harder for a short period, reducing damage from bullet and melee weapons.

Resistance hypo: The TNS becomes more resistant to extreme temperatures, radiation poisoning and chemical hazards for a short period.

Heat-detection hypo: The TNS detects body heat for a short period. If Richard is wearing a HUD visor, he will be able to see the shapes of people and animals even if the room is pitch black, or if they are standing around a corner. If he does not have a visor, he will only be able to see a very faint red outline.

Phosphorescence hypo: The TNS will emit light for a short period, enabling Richard to see better in darkened areas. Of course, this also allows enemies to see Richard better.

Stealth hypo: The TNS will temporarily reduce movement noise to almost nothing, and reflect some of the light passing through it, resulting in partial invisibility.

Oxygen hypo: When underwater, this will restore Richard's oxygen level to 100%.

Richard has 20 inventory slots, but each type of hypo only takes up one. One inventory slot can contain 10 individual hypos. If Richard presses the 'drop inventory' key while a hypo slot is highlighted, he will only drop one of the hypos.

2.3.3 Bodies

Richard can pick up an unconscious or dead body by crouching next to it and hitting the 'use' key. Without a TNS he can only do this if he is not carrying a weapon. With a TNS he can pick it up even if his inventory is full, but he cannot carry a body around and use a weapon/item at the same time. He can drop a body again by pressing either the 'drop weapon' or 'drop inventory' button. This is necessary to move conspicuous bodies to less conspicuous areas.

When carrying a body, Richard moves a lot slower; even slower if he has no TNS.



3.1 Introduction

The game begins with a movie. This will be the only one, as all future cut scenes take place in-engine. The movie is basically what Richard sees on his television set as he sits in his apartment late one night. It begins with a television-turning-on effect, and the first thing we see is a BBC logo.

CONTINUITY ANNOUNCER (VO): You're watching BBC1. And now, our feature presentation.

Credits sequence for a bad black and white 50s B-Movie begin. The credits are, in actuality, the game credits. After a few obvious ones - producer, developer etc - we see the game title presented in the same 50s style, over a backdrop of UFOs decimating a city while people run screaming. Jarring chord.

There is a burst of static and the channel changes, to a scene of an audience applauding. More game credits, in a different style, scroll upwards. There are several channel changes, and with each different programme we see more game credits in a different style each time. Eventually, we stay on a newsreader.

NEWSREADER: In other news, police are still baffled at the recent assassinations of no less than three important politicians in the last week. With each murder the victim was killed by a single bullet to the heart, and while there were no signs of a breakin, several other people were found unconscious nearby. Police have not yet ruled out a link to the Al Qaeda network, and are attempting to establish a connection with the murder of a fleet street journalist just -

At this point the picture flickers and becomes lost in static. We see brief scenes from the other channels for a few seconds before the screen goes black, but for a green cursor flashing on and off in the top left. After a few seconds, the following appears, as if typed on.

HACKING … //40249.1394







(screen clears)


DOB: 24-5-83


(screen clears)

Hello, Richard.

(screen clears)

My name is AJ.

(screen clears)

We have been observing you

for some time.

(screen clears)

Do not be alarmed.

We want to help you.

(screen clears)

You have been on unemployment

benefit for nearly two years now.

(screen clears)

We want to offer you the only job

you will ever need.

(screen clears)


Answer the phone.

(Television turning-off effect. Movie ends.)


3.1.1 Apartment block

From now on, the player has complete control of Richard. We begin in Richard's apartment; it is a rather squalid bachelor pad. At the start, Richard is standing in front of the armchair in the front room, looking at the television. A few seconds after the game begins, we hear the sound of a mobile phone ringing. The phone is lying on the floor somewhere in the apartment. When the player finds it they will pick it up and it is treated as an inventory item. As soon as it is picked up, we see Richard's hand bringing it up to his ear. This is the only time it will happen automatically; in future, when the phone starts ringing, the player will have to press the 'use inventory' key. The player will not be allowed to drop the phone until later.

AJ (ON THE PHONE): Good evening, Richard. This is AJ. The sound of my voice is going to become very familiar to you. Your rather isolated lifestyle has caught our attention. I trust you will not get a big head if I tell you that you are exactly the kind of person we need for our company. First things first, a small demonstration. In a few seconds someone is going to knock upon your front door.

Someone is heard knocking on the front door. It becomes more urgent over time.

AJ: Don't answer it. I'm afraid I have told the local police that you are a wanted murderer known to be heavily armed. If you answer that door twenty burly riot officers will drill you full of lead. Oh don't worry, just do exactly as I say and hopefully no harm will come to you. I notice there is a ledge just outside your bathroom window. Make your way down to the alley below and I will call you again.

The bathroom window, indeed, leads outside to a narrow ledge running along the side of the building. Using an intricate network of ledges and fire escapes, sometimes having to go back inside the building temporarily, Richard must make his way gradually down to the alley. Richard will not encounter enemies at any point; this is more of a training mission. As soon as Richard's feet are on terra firma, assuming he doesn't miss his step and fall to his bloody death, the phone rings again.

3.1.2 Warehouse

AJ: Well done, Richard, with the simple act of not dying you have passed the first test. Now, leave the alley, go into the street, and turn left. Do not turn right. It is vital that you do not return to your apartment block, the police are still waiting there for you. Just turn left and keep following the road.

It is the middle of the night, so there are few people in the street. If the player returns to the front of the apartment block they will find a van belonging to a police rapid response unit. A few armed police officers hang around the entrance. If they see Richard they will shoot on sight, and without protection our hero would not last long. If the player does as he is told and heads left along the street, they will eventually come to a large warehouse, the entrance doors wide open.

AJ: Good, Richard, you can do as you're told. Doing what you're told is a rather underrated talent, I feel. People who can do as they're told are some of the most valuable people in the world. Go into the warehouse and find the manager's office. I will contact you again there.

The entrance doors lead to a narrow corridor, at the end of which is an entrance to the large, dimly-lit main body of the warehouse. Stacks of huge boxes form an impromptu maze. When Richard reaches the other side a door leads to a corridor and a small series of offices; the manager's office is upstairs. Once inside, the phone rings again.

AJ: Excellent. Now, don't be alarmed, but some men are going to arrive in a second, and these men are under orders to shoot you on sight. Don't worry. Although it is necessary that we use live rounds, if you do as I say then you should get out of this in one piece.

There is a squeal of brakes. If possible, the player should be able to look out of a nearby window and see a black unmarked van pull up. A group of Company Enforcers (clad in grey jumpsuits with black ski masks and armed with pistols) file out and into the building. From now on, there are Enforcers all over the building. AJ does not stop speaking.

AJ: Now, in this room there should be a wall safe. The combination is 23-46-42. Open it and take what you find inside.

There is, indeed, a wall safe in the room, and it can only be opened by the player once AJ tells them the combination. Inside is a HUD visor. As soon as it is picked up, we see Richard's hands place the visor over his eyes. Now the player has a HUD. AJ can speak to Richard without the phone, and his voice is slightly clearer.

AJ: What you are wearing is called a heads-up-display, or HUD, visor. It will display certain information to you that you may find useful. You should be able to see an assessment of your physical condition in the bottom left - don't let that get too critical, whatever you do. Since I can now speak to you through the earpiece on the visor, you can drop that silly mobile phone of yours.

The text "PRESS THE 'DROP INVENTORY' KEY TO DROP THE CURRENTLY SELECTED INVENTORY ITEM" appears in the centre of the view. Once the phone is dropped, it cannot be picked up again.

There is a lump of wood (two-handed MELEE weapon) near the window. If the player has not already picked it up, AJ says the following. If the player already has it, this particular bit of dialogue is skipped.

AJ: You're going to need a weapon. There's a piece of wood under the window that should do the trick.

AJ: Right then, you should see an icon in the top-left of your view. That means you have a weapon, and are wielding it. Time to see if you are exactly the sort of person we need, Richard. Step out into the corridor.

When the player does so, it becomes apparent that one of the Enforcers is standing at the end of the corridor, blocking the exit, facing away from Richard.

AJ: See that dangerous-looking fellow? If he hears you, you've had it. When they can't see you, of course, these tough types are just big pussycats. One solid bash to the back of the head and they're out for the count. See if you can take out this bad boy without making too much noise. Remember to move slowly.

The following text appears on the visor:



The player must now move slowly towards the Enforcer and hit the top portion of his body to knock him out. If Richard moves too fast, the Enforcer will hear him, turn and start shooting. The Enforcer will also be alerted if Richard does not hit the right part of his body. Afterwards, the player can take the Enforcer's 9mm pistol (HANDGUN) but they will have to drop the lump of wood first. AJ has this to say:

AJ: You'll have to drop that highly dangerous bit of timber if you want this guy's gun, Richard, but for now I think you should stick to a weapon that's more your speed. Besides, a weapon that noisy will surely cause a bit of a fuss. Now then, the next thing we should do is move this rather conspicuous sleeper somewhere where he won't cause a fuss. Put your bit of wood down somewhere safe so you have both hands free, then carry the snoozing gentleman into the manager's office.


When Richard moves into the manager's office with the body:


As soon as this is done:

AJ: Right, that should be out of the way. Now, retrieve your lump of wood and make your way out of the warehouse. Then we can meet face-to-face.

When Richard gets back to the main body of the warehouse, there are several Enforcers moving slowly in repetitive patterns throughout the maze of boxes, but the warehouse is rather dimly lit. This first challenge should not be very difficult.

AJ: You'll have to get back across the warehouse to meet me, but the place is full of soldiers, now. Try to keep out of their sight and take them out if you can, just like you did with the other fellow. At the bottom of your HUD you'll notice some vertical bars. This handy little device shows how visible you're being. If too many bars light up, the bad guys will probably see you instantly. Move slowly, try to keep to the shadows and the bars should stay in the green.

When Richard reaches the narrow corridor that leads to the exit, he finds that AJ is standing at the other end, blocking the doors. He is a thin, severe-looking man in a suit and tie. When Richard gets close enough, AJ holds up a hand - which is holding a small, indistinct device - and shoots a cloud of green vapour at Richard. Richard stumbles and falls unconscious. Everything fades away, and we hear AJ's voice.

AJ: Absolutely perfect.

3.1.3 AJ's Appraisal

The scene only partially fades in, and continually fades in and out. Richard is lying on a trolley under an overhead light. Two indistinct silhouetted people, one of whom is AJ, the other an unknown woman, peer down at him. The player has no control.

RP (for RP is her name): Are you sure?

AJ: I'm sure.

RP: He seems a little … undernourished.

AJ: He got through the induction easily enough. Besides, a TNS could make a five year old into a field agent.

RP: Suppose so. Okay, set him up with an apartment and get him into TNS training as soon as - wait a second, I think he's conscious.

AJ leans closer.

AJ: Is he?

AJ's hand appears from somewhere and sprays Richard with green vapour again. Everything goes black.


3.2 Company HQ

3.2.1 Home sweet home

Richard awakens on a double bed, minus his weapons and visor, in a rather luxurious apartment in the underground headquarters of the Company. There are no windows, and the only door is sealed shut. There is a closed dumbwaiter in one wall. After a little while, AJ's voice is heard.

AJ: Rise and shine, Richard DeFoe. Welcome to Company Headquarters, three hundred yards beneath the Earth's surface. I'm speaking to you over the tannoy system. I trust you will find this accommodation comfortable, as it will be your home for the rest of your life. Take a few minutes to get acclimatised. When you're ready, just go right out the door and follow the signs to TNS training. I will answer a few of the many questions you no doubt have on the way.

The door opens automatically when the player approaches, and he or she must then guide Richard through a futuristic complex. Signs on the walls point to 'TNS training', 'Residential area', which is where Richard starts, 'Administration', 'Transport bay', 'Infirmary', 'Lounge' and 'Gymnasium'. The latter three are within the Residential Area, in which there are also signs pointing to various apartments (eg. 'apartments 200-250'). Richard's starting point was apartment 231. Corridors will lead everywhere, but if the player tries to go anywhere other than TNS training they will eventually find locked doors, dead ends or guards blocking their path. The guards all have guns but will not attack the player. As Richard travels through the corridors, AJ speaks to him continually.

AJ: I'm afraid that you have been press-ganged, Richard. Shanghaied, if you will. After all, you were mouldering away in your tiny apartment, and the Company just can't bear to let potentially valuable human resources slip away. I will confirm what you already know - the Company is very big on secrecy. So much so that no one outside of it knows of its existence, and we only employ people with no ties to the outside world. People like yourself, Richard. Your job title is 'field agent', but to be honest that's just another name for 'grease monkey'. Your task will simply be to go into places we designate and do whatever we tell you to. That's all. That's all you need to know.

3.2.2 Basic Training

Mission Objectives: Follow the instructions given by your training officer

When Richard gets to TNS training, AJ continues his speech. In the first room, there is a large perspex cupboard containing a HUD visor, and an entrance to a small maze. It is closed when the player enters, but opens when AJ is finished speaking.

AJ: Of course, some of these places we designate may be a little … hostile, so you're going to have to undergo some physical, technology and weapons training. First of all, take the HUD visor, and I'll switch to the other microphone and introduce you to some of the more interesting features.

As soon as the player takes the visor, AJ speaks again, through the HUD earpiece.

AJ: At the top right of your HUD, you'll notice five little squares. These are designated for diagrams, images and maps we may send to you to help you in your missions. Watch what happens when I upload an image to your visor's internal memory.

A picture of a face - denoting an image - appears in the first of the five squares, and a message in the centre of the view appears reading "YOU HAVE A NEW IMAGE (SLOT 5)". The message disappears after a few seconds.

AJ: As you can see, the visor will let you know when an image is received. To see an image, press the corresponding button.


When the player presses the '5' key, a picture of a smiley face will appear. Text underneath reads "Well done!"

AJ: You can dismiss an image by pressing the corresponding key a second time. Now, press the button to bring up your mission objectives.


AJ: You will be able to do that at any time, and you will be informed when an objective is added or completed. Now go through the entrance into the maze, and I'll upload a map to help you get through it.

When Richard enters the maze, a letter 'M' appears in the second of the five squares, with the text message "YOU HAVE A NEW MAP (SLOT 6)". If the player now presses the '6' key, a diagram of the maze will appear, with Richard's position marked with a red dot. The dot does not move, but whenever Richard dismisses the map and calls it up again the position of the dot will change to that of Richard's new position. When Richard gets through the maze, he will find himself in a small shooting gallery. There is also a fairly large crate nearby. At the other side of the room is another locked perspex box which contains a folded-up TNS.

AJ: You'll find a handgun at the front of the shooting range. Try to hit the three targets we've provided. If you run out of ammunition, there is a dispenser in the corner of the room.

Richard's poor aim and the gun's recoil ensure that Richard can only just barely hit the first two targets but the third, which is some distance away, is almost impossible to hit.

AJ: You've obviously never handled a firearm before. Oh well, no matter. Just for fun, see if you can jump onto that crate over there.

Text message: "PRESS THE 'JUMP' KEY TO JUMP"

The crate is just too high for Richard to jump onto.

AJ: Too many choccies, I think, Richard. Don't fret, though, you can be sure we won't drop you into a dangerous environment with only your malnourished biceps and poor gun skills to help you. At the other end of the room, you'll find what we call a Tactical Nanotech Suit, or TNS. Take it and put it on.

The box now opens and the player is free to take the TNS. The letters 'TNS' appear permanently just above the health display on Richard's HUD.

AJ: The fabric of the TNS is filled with billions of tiny machines, or nanites. You should feel a light tingling sensation over your body - that's the nanites working upon your muscular system. Move around a little and you should find that you can move a little faster and more dextrous than before. Try shooting those targets again.

This time, Richard's aim is better and he is less affected by recoil.

AJ: The enhancement to the muscles in your arms have steadied your hand and reduced the gun's recoil. Good. Now, try jumping on the crate again.

Of course, now Richard can jump high enough to get onto the crate. As soon as he does so, the exit at the other side of this room opens.

AJ: Your leg muscles have also been enhanced, allowing you to jump higher and longer. Even a couch potato like you can become a supersoldier with a TNS, Richard. Now, go through that door and you'll find a series of obstacles to test your jumping, running and crawling ability. This is just to help you get used to the rather disorientating effects of the TNS. I will speak to you again once you are through.

The player must jump over some bars, jump across some pits, crawl through some tunnels, etc. In the last room, Richard comes to a swimming pool.

AJ: You should find that swimming becomes a little easier with the TNS, too. Have a splash around and see for yourself. Don't worry, it's all waterproof. You'll also notice that the HUD visor monitors your blood oxygen level while underwater. Keep an eye on that and try not to drown.

The next corridor has a vent on the floor out of which green smoke emerges.

AJ: The TNS also provides an invisible shield around your body to filter out a certain amount of toxic and corrosive materials. Run through this corridor as fast as you can.

The player must run through the smoke, losing a little health in the process.

AJ: As you have no doubt noticed, the TNS does not provide total protection from hazardous environments; that's something the boffins are still working on. I should point out however that without the TNS you would now be dead, and a dead agent is such a disappointment. Move onto the next area.

There are three dispensers in the next area. They provide Regenerative Hypos, Booster Hypos and Phosphorescence Hypos. Each dispenser can only be used after AJ has referred to it. The end of the room is shrouded in darkness.

AJ: You can temporarily make the TNS perform new functions with the use of nanite hypos. These deliver a small colony of specially-programmed nanites to your TNS that instruct the existing nanites to perform certain tasks. You'll probably need a couple of Regenerative Hypos after that last room - they can rebuild damaged tissue and dissolve certain poisons. Booster Hypos offer an extra supercharge to your muscles, enabling you to move even faster for a short period. Take a couple of each from these dispensers and try them out.


AJ: Phosphorescence Hypos make all the nanites in your suit temporarily emit light; very useful for dimly-lit environments, but I wouldn't recommend them when you're trying to be discreet. Grab a handful and use them to make your way through the darkened area.

Beyond the darkened area is a door leading to an outdoor arena (or at least, an arena with a very high ceiling, this still being underground): the Combat Training area. There are several adjoining areas separated by chainlink fences. The gate leading to the next area opens after Richard has completed the short task presented to him in each room. Each room containing a gun also contains an ammo dispenser. The first room contains a truncheon (two-handed MELEE weapon) and a dummy.

AJ: Now, it's time for some combat training. Melee weapons are usually two-handed, but certain bladed ones only require one. Remember that without the advanced storage facilities in the TNS you can probably only carry one two-handed weapon and no inventory items, or one inventory item and one one-handed weapon. Remember the fun and games in the warehouse? Pick up the truncheon and give the dummy a few solid whacks. You'll notice that the TNS increases your striking power and hit rate. You could also dispense with a weapon altogether and use your fists if you like, but if you find yourself without a TNS I doubt you will have the striking power to knock someone unconscious. No offense, Richard. When you're finished brutalising the poor thing, proceed to the next area.

The next area contains a sniper rifle (RIFLE weapon) and a couple of targets some distance away.

AJ: Being able to pick off your enemies from a distance might not be very honourable, but it certainly makes your life easier. Use the sniper rifle and the attached scope to hit the targets.


The next area has a lone dummy in the centre of a large, roped-off enclosure. There are some multi-use grenades (THROWN weapon) provided. When held, a grenade is seen to have a little LED screen in its centre which shows a different picture depending on the grenade's current setting; a mushroom cloud for explosive, some green Z's for knockout gas, and a white circle for phosphorous.

AJ: Multi-use grenades are extremely clever little things. They have three different settings: explosive, knockout gas and phosphorous. The first two are pretty self explanatory - one blows things up and the other puts them to sleep. The phosphorous setting causes a bright flash of light which will temporarily blind anyone who happens to be in the vicinity. Your visor should protect you from the same fate, but if you aren't wearing one, remember to look away. Experiment with the three settings and then use an explosive to take out the dummy.


AJ: Good. Note that sometimes we will issue grenades that only have one or two of the three available settings, depending on the mission. Move to the next area. Oh, and I almost forgot - your TNS can only carry four weapons at any one time, so you'll have to drop some if you want to pick up more.


The next area is the biggest yet. On the far side of the enclosure a dummy is visible. Near it, a second dummy is moving back and forth on little wheels with some rapidity. A rocket launcher (HEAVY weapon) is here.

AJ: Heavy weapons would be useless to you without a TNS, Richard - they aren't designed with your sort of build in mind. However, since you do have a TNS, you should be able to operate a rocket launcher with comparative ease. Use this one to destroy that stationary dummy over there.

AJ: Now, that moving target may be a little more difficult, so you're going to have to use the homing missile setting. Activate it, then keep the dummy in your sights until you hear a beep and the HUD visor reports you have a lock-on, then let one fly.


AJ: Well done, you have completed combat training. Now, go back into the complex through the nearby door.

Beyond the door is a corridor. At the end is another sealed door, and something not unlike a dumbwaiter built into the nearby wall. There is a keycard inside.

AJ: Before you leave the training area, remember to take your room key and please leave your TNS and all your weapons and items in the space provided. You may hang onto the visor; we will probably need to get in touch with you at some point. Now you've completed training, feel free to explore the complex. You only have access to the residential and communal areas at the moment. Your room number is 231, in case you didn't notice that earlier.

More areas of the complex are now open to the player. The door to TNS training is closed, but doors to the canteen, lounge and gymnasium are now open. Inside Richard will meet other agents, but none of them are prepared to talk to our hero beyond a curt 'hello' or similar. When Richard approaches the door to his apartment, the following message appears.


3.2.3 Mission briefing 1

About ten seconds after entering his apartment, another message appears.

AJ: Whoops, no time to put your feet up, I'm afraid, Richard. Something's come up. We have a mission for you. Report to the transport bay immediately.

Richard must now follow signs to the transport bay, where a black unmarked van is waiting in front of a closed garage door. An armed guard stands near the opened rear doors of the van.

GUARD: Step into the van, please.

As soon as Richard does so, the doors slam shut. Inside the van there is a large projector screen and a closed trunk. We hear the engine start, and the van begins to rumble as it moves. The lights fade slightly and a picture of a man in a suit and tie appears on the screen.

AJ: The man you're looking at is Algernon Tennison-Smythe, a member of parliament. We have reason to believe that he has information about the Company, which he intends to pass on to the press. How he acquired the information, or even if he has any at all, is a matter for debate. Algernon has been moving rapidly from domicile to domicile in an attempt to throw us off, but we've managed to track him down.

A picture of a large luxury hotel appears.

AJ: This is the Excelsior Hotel, just outside Blackpool. Four Michelin stars. Tennison-Smythe is staying in a luxury suite on the top floor for two more nights. If he does have information, he will have it with him. It will be your task to acquire whatever physical information you find in his room.

A picture of the hotel floor plan appears.

AJ: Tennison-Smythe keeps the key to his room on him at all times, but there is a copy in the hotel safe, which you'll find in the manager's office on the ground floor. Of course, you'll need to learn what the combination is. The manager is a notoriously forgetful man named Lockwood, so he's bound to have written it down somewhere. This will mean having to pass through populated areas, so you might want to take an alternative route.

A complicated diagram of the hotel ventilation system appears.

AJ: There is an entrance to the ventilation system at the rear of the building, but if you don't want to be minced into burgermeat, you'll probably want to turn the ventilation off, first. There's a utility room on the first floor which no doubt has the control switch. The ventilation system will lead up onto the roof, from where you should be able to drop onto Tennison-Smythe's balcony.

Tennison-Smythe appears again.

AJ: Tennison-Smythe usually spends most of his evenings in the hotel bar, but his movement patterns may prove unpredictable. You will encounter no armed hostiles, but your TNS might upset people. if a civilian sees you they will undoubtedly try to call the authorities, something you must prevent at all costs. Take down anyone who gets in your way non-lethally. We will issue you with gas grenades and a short-range tazer gun. Do not attempt to take down Tennison-Smythe, as this will only add weight to his theories. You will recognise him by his red scarf.

The lights come up again and the chest opens, revealing a TNS, a tazer gun (HANDGUN weapon, battery pack has 10 shots), a spare battery pack, two gas grenades (THROWN weapon) and a Stealth hypo.

AJ: Take your TNS and equipment. Your tazer gun shoots a little barb on the end of a wire and delivers a powerful electrical charge, resulting in instant unconsciousness. It can take down a man noiselessly, but the range is only a couple of yards. Make sure you don't leave unconscious bodies where someone can trip over them. We've also thrown in a new Stealth hypo for you to try; it temporarily reduces movement noise and visibility. See if you can find a use for it, the boffins are rather keen to see it in action.


3.3 The Excelsior Hotel

Mission objectives:

Find a way into Tennison-Smythe's room by acquiring the key in the manager's office or dropping onto his balcony from the roof.

Reacquire stolen information. It will probably be in Tennison-Smythe's briefcase.

Don't let Tennison-Smythe see you and don't try to take him out, as this will justify his suspicions.

If a civilian sees you or an unconscious body, they will run to a phone and call the police. Do not let them.

When you have what you came for, return to the van.

Two images are uploaded as soon as the mission begins: one of Tennison-Smythe, and a floor plan of the hotel showing all three storeys.

The van pulls up outside the hotel and Richard is free to explore. The three floors are separated by staircases, no elevators.

First floor: garden, garden shed, kitchen, dining hall, bar, lounge, reception area.

Second floor: Mostly just halls leading to different hotel rooms, all locked, except door to Lockwood's room which isn't locked. Utility room is locked.

Third floor: Halls leading to different hotel rooms, including Tennison-Smythe's room, which is locked.

There are several civilians wandering around inside, including Tennison-Smythe who spends most of his time in the bar, but goes up to his room every ten minutes or so to get more money for drinks. The receptionist is at her desk and remains there, while the owner - Lockwood - is asleep in his room on the first floor. All other civilians are not worthy of comment, merely wandering around the halls to provide an extra challenge. There is a phone at reception, in the lounge, at the end of each hall on the top two floors and in Tennison-Smythe's room. If a civilian is alerted, they will run to the nearest of these phones, and if they succeed in calling the authorities, the mission is failed - Richard is immediately remotely killed by AJ.

The player can acquire rocks (THROWN weapon) in the garden.

The key to the utility room is in the garden shed.

The safe combination is in Lockwood's diary, found on the floor in Lockwood's room. Like all readable items, it is treated as an inventory item, and when used, the text appears in the display. In this case, the safe combination. From that point on the safe can be opened.

The briefcase containing the stolen documents is next to Tennison-Smythe's bed.

The ventilation shaft leads up to the roof, and once the player gets there, AJ speaks to them.

AJ: You found a way onto the roof. Good. Look over the edge at the north wall and the balcony for Tennison-Smythe's room is the middle one.

The following conversation takes place in the kitchen, which Richard can overhear if he goes near enough:

A: Do we have any more of that French brandy? The bar's run out again.

B: Oh, god. How much of that stuff are they going to drink? We've gone through half of it already!

A: It's this posh-looking bloke at the bar. He just keeps taking it in.

B: All that brandy? One man?

A: I know, you'd've thought he'd've turned into a brandy by now.

B: Well, I don't think he should have anymore.

A: What am I supposed to tell him?

B: Just say we're out. He's not getting any of the special stuff, we're saving that for Christmas.

A: Whatever. See you later.

B: Bye.

After which, A goes to the bar and stands behind it. B remains in the kitchen, wandering around.

If Richard is near enough to Tennison-Smythe just before he goes up to his room, he will hear this:

T-Smythe (drunkenly): Blast, out of money again. I'll be right back.

- before Smythe heads up the stairs to his room, and if the player has any sense they'll keep out of the way.

When the player returns to the van with the documents, the doors close and the engines start up again.

AJ: Good work, Richard. You're certainly proving yourself to be a fine investment. The journey back may take a while, so feel free to catch up on your sleep.

3.3.1 Media Intrusion

Thirty seconds of sitting around in the van follows, after which point:

AJ: Whoops, spoke too soon. Action stations, Richard. Tennison-Smythe had a backup plan. As soon as he noticed the briefcase was missing he sent some files by e-mail to the editor of the Daily Tribune Herald. We'll have the boffins deal with the files, but that could take a few hours, and the editor will be arriving at his office in one. Get inside the Herald building and find the editor's office, then make his computer unusable. That should be enough for now. There'll doubtless be some security in the building; keep out of their way, and try to stick to non-lethal takedowns again. These are unarmed rentacops, they'll probably just call the authorities if they find you. Get to work quickly, then we can all go home.

The van stops and the doors open. The player is now outside the Herald building.

Mission objectives:

Get to the editor's office.

Disable the editor's computer.

Don't let security personnel call the authorities.

When you are finished, return to the van.

The Daily Tribune Herald office is a two-storey building, with the editor's office on the second floor. There are several lesser offices, a reception area, a small canteen, and a security room. There is a phone in every office, the security room and reception. All the office doors will be locked, with the masterswitch to open them all located in the security room. The key to the security room is on or under the reception desk. Security guards patrol various areas in repetitive patterns.

Somewhere between five or ten minutes into the mission, AJ says the following in Richard's ear.

AJ: Richard? The intelligence people have found a floorplan of the building. I'm uploading it to your visor now. It looks like the masterswitch to unlock all the offices is in the security room; see if you can find a way in there if you haven't already. Work quickly, Richard, this is vitally important.

Two security guards in the canteen sit around drinking coffee and have the following conversation.

A: Hey, where's Neil, anyway?

B: Food poisoning.

A: Oh yeah?

B: Yeah, he ate a cream doughnut from the canteen snack machine.

A: Oh! He knew better than that, surely?

B: I think he said he'd skipped breakfast. He said if he didn't get something doughy and sugary in his mouth in ten seconds, he'd foam at the mouth and fall over.

A: Idiot.

B: You gonna get up and get more coffee?

A: I got the coffee last time. You get the coffee.

B: So you're more experienced than me. You get the coffee.

A: Look at yourself. You're a fat, sweaty, blubbery blob of a man. You need the exercise. You get the coffee.

B: Oh, listen to Professor Fitness. You get the coffee. I'm not going to.

A: Well, I'm not going to either.

B: So I guess we'll just sit here quietly and not have any more coffee, then.

A: Fine.

B: Fine.

The computer in the editor's office is easily taken out by punching it, or alternatively hitting it with a truncheon acquired from the security room. At that point, AJ speaks more of his words of wisdom.

AJ: You know, Richard, I've been wanting to do what you just did for ten years. Alright, get back to the van. It's nearly time for dinner back at base.

When Richard gets back in the van, the doors close and the van drives off. Everything fades out, then in, then out again, while AJ speaks.

AJ: Excellent work, Richard. You know, you look tired. You should try to get some rest while we … (fade out)

3.3.2 Bizarre Dream Sequence

Brief, fleeting images of people and things our hero has seen and flashing red lights flicker in front of Richard (the HUD is temporarily invisible). We hear a heartbeat, and brief, echoey snatches of previous conversation.

AJ: … absolutely perfect …

RP: … seems a bit … malnourished …

AJ: … exactly the kind of person we need …

The above three statements repeat several times, echoing and overlapping each other, until they all fade away and we hear one final statement of AJ's.

AJ: … a dead agent is such a disappointment …


3.3.3 Invasion Interlude

Mission objective:

Hold off invading forces until they are driven back.

Minimize friendly casualties.


Fade in gradually. Richard still has his TNS and visor, but no weapons or items except his room keycard. The van is back in the transport bay in the Company base; we hear distant klaxons.

GUARD: What the hell are you doing sleeping in the back of a van? The base is under attack! Get moving!

The guard runs off. The complex's layout is the same as always, but now red lights flash on and off and a repetitive klaxon sounds. Anti-Company Terrorists, men in combat gear with matching caps and burnt cork on their faces, are in the base. They carry automatic 9mm rifles (RIFLE weapon) and will shoot Richard on sight. Any guards that happen to be around will attack the terrorists with the same weapons, and other agents like Richard attack with pistols. In a corridor near the transport bay Richard finds a dead guard whose rifle he must take. Not long afterwards AJ speaks.

AJ: Richard, thank god. I forgot about you in all the excitement. I'll explain later, but I'm afraid Anti-Company Terrorists have somehow gotten into the base. It's okay, this happens a couple of times a year. Internal security should be able to drive them out, but I'm sure we'd all be indebted if you were to lend a hand.

Richard must travel through the corridors and kill all the terrorists he finds. A few will be taking hostages in the canteen; when Richard arrives they will begin shooting their hostages. Once all the terrorists in the canteen are dead, all remaining ones suddenly die too, the alarms stop, and AJ speaks.

AJ: I think that's the last of them. Good work, Richard. You kept your head in a crisis situation. Upper management will no doubt keep you in mind for any trickier jobs that come up. From your performance just now, I'd say the hotel assignment may have been a little beneath you. Okay, go and rest up in your apartment. I've arranged for a few Regen Hypos to be sent up if you need them.

Outside Richard's apartment, a guard is waiting, blocking the door.

GUARD: My orders are to take your weapons and put them in storage, sir.

The guard reaches at Richard and all the player's weapons disappear. If the player tried to kill the guard then Richard will be remotely killed. After taking the weapons, the guard walks away.

In Richard's apartment, three Medium Regenerative Hypos will be waiting in the dumbwaiter. A few seconds of milling about later, and a voice speaks to Richard through his earpiece. It is not AJ. The sound quality is poorer than usual and a few of the words are inaudible behind static.

VOICE: Richard DeFoe (static) … speaking to you on (static) channel. We need to (static, then cuts out)

AJ: Ah … sorry if that took you by surprise, Richard. Some broadband radio transmissions were interfering with our equipment. We've sorted it out now. Oh yes, I was going to explain about the terrorists. You see, Richard, a few of our ex-employees who went rogue some years ago formed this extremist group dedicated to destroying the Company. Something about undelivered retirement pay, I gather. They really are nothing to worry about, they're like office workers leaving viruses on the computers after they get fired, except they do sometimes find a way to break our security and -

VOICE: (static) DeFoe, I am speaking to you on a secure channel. The other voice in your head can't hear me (static). One of our agents left an envelope under one of the seats in the lounge. Find it (static, then cuts back to AJ abruptly)

AJ: - so if this ever happens again, you'll know what to do. Once again, good work. I'll talk to you later, Richard.

New Objective: Find the message dropped by the Anti-Company Terrorists in the employee lounge

When the player is about half-way to the lounge, the following tannoy announcement is heard.

TANNOY: (after an attention-grabbing bing-bong sound) Attention. Could Agent Richard DeFoe please return to his apartment. Thank you.

If the player continues to the lounge, they hear it again.

If the player gets all the way to the lounge, they find a guard blocking the entrance.

GUARD: I'm sorry, sir, we're still cleaning up in there after the battle earlier today. Why don't you go back to your apartment and wait?

The new objective becomes crossed off. About fifteen seconds later, we hear the following.

TANNOY: Attention. Agent Richard DeFoe is ordered to return immediately to his apartment. Ignoring this announcement will be treated as insubordination. Thank you.

Once back in his apartment, nothing happens for a few seconds but then green knockout gas starts seeping in from a vent. The door seals itself, and the player has no choice but to succumb to unconsciousness.

3.3.4 Everybody's Talking At Me

The player does not see anything; only hears the squeak of trolley wheels, footsteps, and the voices of RP and AJ.

RP: They spoke to him?

AJ: Yeah.

RP: What did they tell him?

AJ: Not much, as far as I can tell. We managed to cut them off after a few seconds, so probably not enough to be dangerous.

RP: I hope you're right.

AJ: So do I.

(the squeaking and footsteps stop; we hear the sound of a hydraulic door opening)

AJ: Okay, get him into the plane. Gently, mind. (fades out)


3.4 Special Delivery

3.4.1 Briefing

Richard awakens in a compartment in a small plane. We hear the roar of engines. At one end of the compartment is a TV screen, with a trunk underneath. Richard is not wearing a TNS and is carrying nothing. He still has his visor, however.

AJ: Oh good, you're awake. Sorry about the gas thing, but we had an assignment that required we transport you by air, and if we took you up to the surface airfield conscious there's a chance you'd be able to work out where the Company base is exactly. It's not that we don't trust you, it's just that you may get captured by people who want to know this information, and it's best that you not be in a position to tell them. Sorry, I'm rambling. You'll probably want to know about your mission. Pay attention to the screen.

A small map of the Russian countryside appears. There is a forest and a river running through it. a red X marks a small clearing.

AJ: I hope your orienteering skills are up to scratch. We're going to parachute you into this picturesque piece of the Russian countryside. See that X? That's what you need to locate.

A picture of a curious device appears. It involves an upward-pointing tube about ten feet high, with a small compartment at the base and a control panel nearby.

AJ: This is what you will find. It's called an Environmental Regulator, one of millions scattered throughout the globe. We use them to decontaminate the world's atmosphere and keep the pollution index level. They project clouds of antitoxins into the air which seek out and destroy unpleasant molecules. We expect the pollution levels to have dropped to almost nothing in ten years with these babies, but they do require a little maintenance.

A picture of a large metallic tube appears.

AJ: This particular Environmental Regulator has recently depleted its internal supply. You will be issued with a tube of antitoxins which must be inserted into the compartment at the base of the Regulator. That'll keep it going for at least six more years. Really a very simple task, certainly not making full use of your abilities, but all our other agents are tied up on assignments and this needs to be done.

The box in front of the screen opens. It contains an antitoxin tube, a 9mm pistol, a parachute and some bullets. Remember that without the TNS Richard can only carry one one-handed weapon (the pistol) and one inventory item (the tube). The parachute is worn on his back so does not count as an inventory item.

AJ: Take the tube and your parachute. If you run into civilians your TNS will cause a stir, so we'd rather you did this mission without. Don't worry, we anticipate no resistance. The gun is just in case you run into unfriendly wildlife, or need to signal us. We'll be passing over the designated area shortly, so go to the door and wait for it to open. Your parachute will open automatically, so there's no need to worry about that.

A few seconds later, the exterior door at the back of the plane opens with a hiss, and Richard is pulled towards it.

AJ: Jump now!

The player falls out of the plane, and a few seconds later, the parachute opens. Our hero drifts down to a small clearing in the middle of the Russian forest.

3.4.2 In The Forest

AJ: (static)-kay, Richard, I'm uploading the map to your visor now. The red X is the Environmental Regulator. When you (static), remember to (static for several seconds) Hold on, something's jamming my (static, then cuts out)

Mission objectives:

Locate the Environmental Regulator.

Insert the antitoxin tube.

Re-establish contact with AJ.

Richard has a map of the forest, and a picture of the Environmental Regulator.

The forest is suitably mazelike, with many passages leading in all directions. There should be a few notable landmarks marked on the map to help the player orient themselves, like an abandoned farmhouse or the river. Little sunlight penetrates the thick branches overhead, so the forest is quite dark. When the player locates the Environmental Regulator, there should be only one passage leading into the clearing. Half-way down this passage, when the Regulator is in sight, the ground collapses underfoot and Richard falls into a hidden pit trap, hurting himself slightly. Looking up, he will see a mysterious man walk up to the edge of the pit and look down. The man wears a black leather jacket over combat gear, has blonde hair and wears dark glasses. He is the leader of the Anti-Company Terrorists. His name is Leroy Dunn.

LEROY: Hello there, little frightened Company monkey. Settling into your new job?

A nondescript terrorist appears to his side, wielding a tranquilliser pistol. He shoots a dart into Richard. Everything goes black.

3.4.3 Camping Out

Richard wakes up in a crude wooden cage, minus his visor, gun and tube. He is on the outskirts of a small campsite. A fire burns in the centre. Three large tents surround it. Leroy Dunn and a few other terrorists sit around the fire, talking and laughing. Their words are indistinct. Eventually one of them notices that Richard is awake, so Leroy gets up and approaches.

LEROY: Good evening, Agent DeFoe. My name is Dunn. Leroy Dunn. In case you're wondering, I have your weapon, and those stupid wrap-around shades they gave you. You probably want to know why you aren't dead yet. It's because we are supposed to be the good guys, and because you have no more idea of what the Company are up to than one of their canteen sandwiches. They were using you, DeFoe. You were their happy little monkey doing whatever they said without question. I know this because I used to be like you. I used to work for the Company. They decided I was expendable when I found out a little bit more than I was supposed to, but I was able to escape. And I've been building a little army against them ever since.

Leroy produces the antitoxin tube.

LEROY: What did they tell you was in this? Happy little elves that make the air clean and sing children to sleep? Stupid. This is a virus. We don't know the exact nature of the virus, or why the Company is manufacturing it, or what they intend to do with it. All we know is that this is the first time we've been able to acquire a sample, and for that we must thank you. It's a shame we couldn't capture you while you had one of those Tactical Nanotech Suits, we've been after one of those for ages. Oh well. In the morning we're going to take you back to HQ, and decide your fate. Maybe you'll get lucky and we'll ask you to join us, but I wouldn't put money on it. We don't have time to cut the kill-chip out of your head, and they'd probably activate it before we got that far anyway.

Leroy walks away. Everything fades.

Fade up again. It is now night-time. One or two single guards patrol the campsite in a regular pattern. After a few seconds, we hear a little growl, and a small bear appears behind the cage. It paws at the bars and nibbles upon them. Some splinters fly off. One of the guards sees the bear and fires upwards, scaring the animal away, but now when Richard goes up to the bars the bear was chewing on and presses the 'use' key, the bars break off and he can escape. He can also take one of the bars as a MELEE weapon.

Richard can now explore the campsite. He can enter the tents, but must move quietly, or the sleeping terrorists within will wake up and shoot at him. He finds his visor in one of the tents, and as soon as he puts it on he acquires the map of the forest again, now with a red cross for the Regulator and a blue one for the pickup-point. He also acquires the following objectives.

Mission objectives:

Locate and disable the communication-jamming apparatus in order to re-establish contact with AJ.

Retrieve the antitoxin tube and insert it into the Environmental Regulator.

Do not alert the terrorists.

The campsite covers a few clearings and is made up of several tents with a few guards patrolling. Some more terrorists roam the surrounding forests. A short distance north of the campsite is the signal-jamming apparatus; a small rotating satellite dish and computer mounted on a table and connected to a portable generator. The player can either switch off the generator or smash the computer, but one or two guards occasionally check on the apparatus and a smashed computer will make them suspicious. Once the jammer is offline, AJ gets in touch.

AJ: (static)ichard, thank god. We detected the terrorists about three seconds after you landed. I'm sorry. Don't worry about the Regulator now, just get to the evac point. It's marked on your map with a blue cross.

Objectives updated:

Retrieve the antitoxin tube and insert it in the Environmental Regulator - ABORTED.

Get to the pickup point ASAP.

A few seconds after Richard arrives at the pickup point, a helicopter appears overhead dangling a rope ladder. The player must climb up the ladder and get inside the chopper, at which point the chopper door closes automatically. Leroy's voice is heard through the visor.

LEROY: DeFoe, you're making a big (static) going to kill (static, then cuts out)

AJ: I don't know what those terrorists said to you, Richard, but if I were you I would disregard all of it. What did they do to try to get you on their side? Make up some stuff about the Company wanting to kill everyone? The ACT are dangerous vandals. Ours is a peaceful organisation. We have to go back to the airfield now. You know what that means. Sorry.

Green gas fills the compartment. Fade out.


3.5 Without a Backward Glance

3.5.1 Healthy Suspicion

Richard awakens in the infirmary in the middle of the complex. A doctor is just finishing treating him. His health is back at full and his weapons and equipment are gone, except for his room keycard and visor.

DOCTOR: You seem to be quite fit. You can go back to your apartment, now.

If Richard sustained injury in the last mission, the doctor also says one of the following, depending on where the injury was.

"And try not to put weight on that leg for a few days." - LEGS

"And try not to use that arm for a few days." - ARMS

"And try to take it easy for a few days." - ANYTHING ELSE

Richard can now only go back to his apartment - the guard is still in front of the lounge - and hang around for a few seconds until Leroy gets in touch.

LEROY: DeFoe, (static) in danger. The message we left for you is still in the lounge. Find it and (static)

New Objective:

Find the message in the lounge left for you by the Anti-Company Terrorists.

TANNOY: Attention. Repairs in the lounge are now complete. The lounge is now open again to all staff.

Once Leroy returns to the lounge, he will find an envelope partially hidden under one of the seats. If he tries to use it, the following message appears.

"'Do not open until privacy is assured'"

The envelope can only be opened in Richard's apartment, at which point we see the following message and the envelope is replaced in Richard's inventory by an electronic slug (small impressive-looking piece of computer hardware)

"'Mr. DeFoe, we need to talk. Please attach the enclosed electronic slug to your visor.'"

When the slug is used, the following text appears.

"New hardware detected. Establishing handshake…

Retrying …

(the screen fills with random numbers, each line of digits getting progressively smaller until only a four-digit code remains)


*** PATCHWORK 1.1 coded by d4ft_punk 7/6/04 ***

Prepare to be bombed!!!!!








When Leroy speaks to Richard now, his voice is much clearer.

LEROY: Mr. DeFoe, thank you for your co-operation. That slug you just attached to your face has allowed my hacking team to not only establish a stable frequency between you and I, but also grant us access to the Company's computer systems. I must apologise for my abrupt manner with you in the forest. I appreciate all this is rather confusing, but you must understand the dire situation you are in. The Company suspects that you were told enough secrets down there to turn your head, and they don't like people who think for themselves. Even if they're prepared to overlook all that, they will trace the security breach to your visor. They're going to kill you, DeFoe. If you need proof, let me patch your earpiece through to a little drama taking place in the Administration area.

There is a burst of static, and we hear AJ and RP.

AJ: - you sure? Richard's been a real asset to the Company so far.

RP: You remember the Leroy Dunn incident. We agreed not to take any more chances after that. The Anti-Company told DeFoe what they knew, and he'll be suspicious of us now. Better to get the problem out of the way as soon as possible.

AJ: I suppose. Okay, I'm activating his kill-chip now.

RP: Good.

AJ: Uh-oh.

RP: What?

AJ: It isn't responding. It's them. They've gotten in - (static)

LEROY: I don't know if they told this to you, DeFoe, but they've put a thing in your head that can deliver a fatal electric charge to the brain on command. I've shut it down for now, but that won't last. Now, I'm into the environmental controls for your apartment, so I can stop them from pumping in poison gas and keep the door sealed, but they've got guards with laser cutters on the way. We have to get you to us as soon as possible and get that thing out of your head. Hold on a second, and I'll try and find a way out for you.

We hear banging on the door and muffled voices. Half-way through Leroy's speech below, a blue flame starts cutting through the door (Half-Life Uplink-style)

LEROY: Bingo. There's a decent-sized ventilation shaft on the west wall you could fit through. I'm opening it now. Get out of there.

The vent opens electronically, and Richard must start crawling through the ducts. The vent closes behind him.

3.5.2 Administration Area

AJ: (static) DeFoe? What are you (static) return now (static) promise we will not harm (static)

LEROY: Okay. Below the residential area there's a sewage treatment facility. That leads to a small hydro-electric plant which makes use of an underground river that flows right out to sea. You could go through that, but you'll be chopped into spare parts if we don't shut down the plant first. We can't hack into those subsystems, so you'll have to find the shutdown switch; I guess that'd be in Ops, in the Administration area. And, as luck would have it, the vent you're in leads right into that self-same Administration area. I'm uploading a floorplan to that handy gadget on your face. I notice there's a storage locker nearby; get hold of one of those marvellous Tactical Nanotech Suits and I'll give you a big wet sloppy kiss as soon as we can meet.

Mission Objectives:

Locate and acquire a TNS from the storage locker.

Find and activate the hydro-electric plant shutdown switch in the Operations section of the Administration area.

Find a way into the sewage treatment facility from the Residential area.

Get through the sewage treatment facility to the deactivated hydro-electric plant.

Escape from the complex via the underground river.

As soon as Richard drops from the vent into a corridor in the Admin area:

TANNOY: Attention. Hostile intruder in Administration area. All unarmed personnel are requested to evacuate.

Red lights flash and a klaxon sounds. Many guards patrol the admin area, but it should be possible to get to the storage locker without alerting them. Inside the locker our hero will find a TNS, an automatic rifle (RIFLE weapon, uses 9mm bullets), 50-odd 9mm bullets, 3 multi-use grenades, 5 small Regen hypos, 2 Booster hypos, 1 Stealth hypo and 4 Oxygen hypos.

There is a door leading to the Residential area somewhere in Admin, but if Richard goes to it without first acquiring a TNS and shutting down the hydro-electric plant, he hears this:

LEROY: It's going to take us a little longer to hack into this door, DeFoe. In the meantime, you still have objectives to complete.

Besides the storage locker, the Admin area contains a conference room, a security room, five luxurious offices for the senior staff marked A-E, toilets, and the Operations area, all of which are signposted. The Ops area contains in itself a large room divided into cubicles, each with its own computer, two offices marked "AJ's office" and "RP's office" and a control room. All unarmed personnel have been evacuated, so only guards with automatic rifles patrol the halls. The control room is locked and the key is in senior office D. The senior offices are all locked, and the master key for them is in the security room.

Two guards have the following conversation in the conference room, which Richard overhears when he gets near enough.

A: Have you seen Henry?

B: Not in the last ten minutes, why?

A: He leant me a magazine and I was meaning to give it back.

B: You want to go find him?

A: Nah, I've got to be on patrol. If you see him, tell him that I left it in the control room in ops.

B: Control room's locked. He'll need the key.

A: Oh yeah. Tell him I left it in Office D.

B: Will do.

A: Thanks.

Then they both go off and patrol nearby halls.

When Richard gets into the control room, he'll find a lever mounted on the wall labeled "HYDRO-ELECTRIC EMERGENCY SHUTDOWN; UNAUTHORISED USE WILL BE SEVERELY PUNISHED". There is also a porn mag on a nearby computer bank. After pulling the lever, all power will shut down. Klaxons cease their wailing, alll lighting switches off and it will be pitch black for a few seconds before emergency lighting comes on, bathing the whole complex in soft blue light. Two guards will appear from nowhere in the room immediately outside the control room.

After Richard has turned the power off and acquired a TNS, Leroy speaks.

LEROY: Good work, DeFoe. We've managed to unlock the door to the Residential area. Go there now, and make haste. We're not sure how much time we have before they get your kill-chip back online.

As soon as Richard gets to the Residential area:

LEROY: Find an emergency access panel; there's one in the floor just outside Apartment 199. That will lead down to the sewage treatment facility.

The Residential area is the same as it always is. If Richard goes back to his apartment he'll find the door lasered open and three or four guards inside. The lounge, gymnasium and canteen are all open and empty of life, everything else is sealed. The panel in the floor just outside Apartment 199 should be reasonably obvious. Below it is a ladder leading down to a walkway that goes alongside a river of slurry in a narrow metal passage.

3.5.2 Industrial Adventures

LEROY: Ugh. I certainly would not like to be in your shoes right now, DeFoe. I'm afraid we can't find a floorplan of this place, so just follow your nose while you're trying not to breathe through it. The hydro-electric plant can't be far away.

Time for the mandatory industrial levels! In an effort to try to blend many different kinds of FPS gameplay into the game, the sewage treatment facility and the hydro-electric plant will largely be a very linear affair with few enemies, the player having to pass through various bits of moving machinery, with all the timed-movements and jumpy-puzzles this will entail. The biological waste in the sewer section would be hazardous to swim in, so there should probably be some Resistance hypos lying around somewhere. Leave all the fine details to the level designers. Just remember the Five Golden Factors necessary for industrial levels; pipes, large mysterious bits of machinery, pipes, gantries, and more pipes.

Eventually Richard will find the underground river that flows through a series of natural caverns. He must swim through them, stopping for air in certain small pockets here and there, before the last cavern opens out to the bottom of the sea. A small net will be waiting. When Richard gets too close, it springs up around him and pulls him out of the water onto a fishing trawler floating near the coast. He will be deposited on deck, where Leroy will meet him.

LEROY: DeFoe, I underestimated you. You seemed like just another scared little Company monkey blindly following orders, and I kind of doubted that you'd get out of there alive. But now we have you, and a TNS, and a sample of the Company's virus. Which reminds me, we should probably do something about that dangerous little trinket in your brain. Go down to the lower decks and find Doctor Keanrick. He will help you.

Down in lower decks Richard will find a small operating theatre. Dr. Keanrick, in full surgical scrubs, is waiting. Note that there are armed terrorists all over the ship, so if Richard opens fire on anyone, they will open fire on him.

KEANRICK: Mr. DeFoe? Reginald Keanrick, at your service. Commander Dunn tells me we can't waste any time with you, so let's get started. This won't hurt a bit.

Keanrick gives Richard an injection, and things fade away once again.


3.6 We Are Sailing

3.6.1 Exposition

Richard wakes up some time later in a small cabin, minus his TNS, his visor and his equipment. Leroy Dunn enters.

LEROY: Well, Mr. DeFoe, it seems we have a little dilemma on our hands. We've finished analysing the TNS, and it seems the damn thing is programmed only to operate when worn by people with kill-chips in their heads. We took yours out a few minutes before the Company were able to activate it, but once they had, we decided to put it back in again. They think you're dead now, or that we took it out, so it's pretty safe to assume they won't activate it again. That's a risk we have to take. We need you, Mr. DeFoe. We need things done that only a TNS-operator can do. We assumed we would be able to get one of our best agents to wear the thing, but it seems you are the only one who can use it. Oh yeah, you can have these silly Star Trek glasses back, now.

He reaches for Richard and Richard's visor reappears.

LEROY: By the way, about that virus we took from you? We couldn't analyse it. Couldn't open the canister. Didn't want to, really, would probably have infected the whole base. We still need to know how it works, and what the Company are going to use it for. All we know is that they're manufacturing it with astonishing rapidity, and that they're building those Environmental Regulator things all over the world. What we would quite like you to do is find out what we need to know. Come with me to the top deck.

He leaves. Leroy can now explore the ship if he wants, but won't find much. A few cabins, etc. When he comes on deck, it will become apparent that the ship is moored in a dockland area of southern England. It is night-time. Leroy is waiting on deck.

LEROY: We've arranged for you to have a cabin on the Star of Southampton cruise liner. It will take you across to the US, where the Company is manufacturing the virus. A contact of ours will be waiting for you there; he will give you further details on the laboratory the virus is coming from and give you back your TNS, which we have already smuggled out to him. We'd let you take it across on the boat, but I'm afraid of what would happen if customs and excise found it. Your visor we can pass off as high-fashion sunglasses, I suppose.

The gangplank extends from the trawler to a nearby pier.

LEROY: There's a pub not far from here called the Strangled Seal. One of our men is inside and will give you the ticket. His name is Ginger. When you have the ticket, make your way to the western docks; the Star is waiting for you there. The Company have got the local police on full alert; they'll shoot you on sight, so stay away from them. If things turn hairy, you'll probably need this.

He gives Richard a silenced 9mm handgun.

LEROY: Good luck, Richard DeFoe. I will stay in touch with you through your visor.

3.6.2 Night On The Town

Mission objectives:

Acquire your cruise ticket from Ginger in the Strangled Seal.

Board the Star of Southampton.

Avoid the local police.

A picture of Ginger is uploaded to the visor; he is a stout, jolly-looking man with red hair and a big moustache.

The player must now explore some streets of a pleasant little English port town. The roads are cobbled and the architecture of the buildings is quaint and olde-worlde, some even having a Mock Tudor motif. A few police officers roam the streets, but there are plenty of shadows to hide in. As well as the Strangled Seal and the western docks where the Star of Southampton is waiting there is also a police station.

When Richard arrives in the Strangled Seal, the only person there is the fat barman.

BARMAN: Hey, are you with the police? Tell that drunken sot you took away that he didn't settle his bill! I'm not paying for it out of my own pocket, I tell ye that.

LEROY: Damn. The Company are one step ahead of us. They've had Ginger arrested. The ticket'll probably be in the local police station. That's your next stop. See if you can get that drunken old bastard out of there, too; we don't want the Company setting their interrogators on him.

New Objectives:

Acquire your cruise ticket from Ginger in the Strangled Seal - ABORTED

Retrieve your cruise ticket from the local police station.

Help Ginger escape.

There should be a few ways into the police station. The front entrance, which will be the most heavily guarded, is the most obvious for players who like a shoot-out. There is also a manhole down the street leading to a sewer which will take Richard to an area of scrubland behind the police station; he can then get in via the back entrance. The police station contains several offices, a few interrogation rooms, the reception area, the superintendent's office, some toilets and the cells. Armed police patrol the place. When Richard finds the cells, he will find Ginger within.

GINGER (drunkenly): 'Ay! I been waitin' for you, yer big nancy. Get me out of this shithole. The key's on the reception desk, I think.

When Richard lets him out, he has completed his Ginger objective; Ginger can make his own way out. He'll also say this.

GINGER: Oh, by the way, you'll be wanting yer cruise ticket, won't yer? It's in the evidence locker in the superintendent's office. Combination's 21-42-7. And if yer don't ask me how I know that, I won't ask yer to buy me a drink. Right, I'm off. Have a nice cruise, nancy-boy.

Now Richard can open the safe in the super's office, take his ticket, and leave. Also, if he hangs around the toilets, he'll hear this.

A: I hate the night shift.

B: I hear that.

A: I thought I could catch up on my sleep tonight, but first that old pissant in the cells won't shut up, and then the super puts the whole force on alert!

B: What's that all about, eh?

A: Search me. Said something about dangerous terrorists in the area.

B: Dangerous terrorists? What, like those Afghanistan blokes?

A: I guess. Though what they'd want in a town like this, I do not know.

B: Hey, did you see that big cruise ship that pulled in?

A: Yeah. Pure swank. Alright for some, isn't it? I don't know what they'd want in a town like this, either.

Then they both go off and patrol nearby halls.

3.6.3 Cruise for a Corpse

Once Richard finally gets to the western docks, the Star of Southampton will be towering over him. A sailor saying 'tickets please' will block access to the gangplank. The player must use the ticket on him.

SAILOR: Welcome aboard, Mr. DeFoe. Have a pleasant voyage.

He then stands aside and our hero is free to board the vessel. It's your typical luxury cruise liner, with a pool on the deck, a ballroom, a restaurant, a bar, and untold miles of corridors and cabins. Wealthy civilians are everywhere, as well as sailors with hidden weapons on their persons. Should Richard open fire on anyone, these sailors will be more than happy to return the courtesy.

As soon as Leroy gets on board:

LEROY: Take a good, long, look, DeFoe. These people don't know a thing about the Company or their plans, but still regard themselves the most important people in the world. These are the people we're fighting for.

The bitterness in his last line is foreshadowingly obvious.

LEROY: Take your time, explore the ship. You're not going anywhere until you get to port. Your cabin number is 417, by the way.

TANNOY: Attention passengers. We are now casting off. On behalf of the rest of the crew, allow me to welcome you aboard the Star of Southampton and wish you a very pleasant voyage.

Richard's cabin is deep in the bowels of the ship, and not very spacious. As soon as he gets there, Leroy speaks to him.

LEROY: You look tired, DeFoe. Now would probably be a very good time to get some sleep. You'll be more alert that way. Goodnight.

When Richard approaches the bed, fade out. Fade up the following morning in the same place.

LEROY: Good morning, sunshine. Some interesting news. I've been going over the passenger list, and guess who's enjoying a little holiday? Your old friend Algernon Tennison-Smythe. Doesn't he claim to know something about the Company? See if you can find him. Find out everything he knows.

Mission Objectives:

Locate Algernon Tennison-Smythe.

Interrogate him to learn what he knows about the Company.

From now on, all the civilians, when 'use'd, say one of the following.

"No, I do not know where you can find Tennison-Smythe, whoever that is."

"Tennison-Smythe? Who?"

"I haven't seen him."

Three or four people scattered around say this:

"I think I heard him say he was going to the bar."

One of the civvies standing at the bar says this:

"I dunno, he said he'd meet me here for drinks an hour ago. Hey, could you go down and see if he's alright? His cabin number's 118."

When Richard gets to the cabin he finds the door ajar, and enters to find the place trashed and Algernon dead on the floor.

LEROY: Oh, Jesus. There must be Company agents on board. Don't panic, though. They might only be here to deal with Tennison-Smythe. See if you can find any documents they left behind.

Interrogate him to find out what he knows about the Company - ABORTED

Search Tennison-Smythe's cabin for any documents the Company agents did not find.

This cabin is much larger with several rooms - a bathroom, a small lounge and the bedroom. There is a suspicious-looking painting in the lounge. If the player uses it, it swings aside to reveal some blueprints attached to the wall. When he takes it, they do not count as an inventory item.

LEROY: Great. Give those to our contact when you get to the States and we’ll - oh no. The bridge just ordered the security staff to apprehend you with deadly force. It's all falling apart, Richard. The Company fooled us. Find a lifeboat and get the hell off that ship; we'll pick you up as soon as we can.

TANNOY: Attention. All passengers are requested to remain in their cabins until further notice. There is no reason to be alarmed. You are in no danger.

There are now armed sailors roaming the ship, but the player still has a gun, and has no doubt been itching to use it since the cruise began.

LEROY: Okay, Richard, I'm going over some of the ship schematics. Before you can get off the ship, you will need to pull the lifeboat release switch in the bridge. Work as fast as you can.

Mission Objectives:

Locate the bridge and pull the lifeboat release switch.

Steal one of the lifeboats and get off the ship.

The bridge is almost at the very top of the ship, of course. Once the switch is pulled, Richard must get to a section of deck where a lifeboat is waiting. As soon as he gets into it, it descends into the water and begins drifting gently away from the liner.

LEROY: It's a good thing you got off that thing in time, DeFoe. We've just detected some kind of explosive in the -

A section of the liner's hull explodes violently, pushing the lifeboat away with great speed. Richard conks out.

3.6.4 And Not A Drop To Drink

Richard awakens some time later in the lifeboat, drifting in the middle of the ocean. The scene fades in and out gently.

LEROY: Richard … you've been unconscious for a long time. Hang in there, our US division is coming to get you. I promise I won't let you -

Everything fades away again.


3.7 In The Hand Of Iron

3.7.1 Rude Awakening

Richard wakes up minus all his equipment and visor in a small infirmary in the middle of a secret hideout. He is approached by a balding American man in black leathers.

WINSTON: Greetings, Richard DeFoe. You have been sleeping for many days. I am Winston Mulgrew, and this is the East Coast branch of the Anti-Company. We picked you up floating in the middle of the sea, just as Commander Dunn in the UK said we would. Listen to me. We need to work fast. The Company has finished building Environmental Regulators. There are millions of them, each about ten miles apart, all over every land mass on Earth. Whatever they're planning to do with them, they're going to do it soon. Finish resting here, and then meet me in the conference room when you're ready.

Winston leaves and Richard is free to explore the base. As well as the infirmary there are a series of barracks, a canteen, an empty shooting range, a hand-to-hand combat training area, a sealed door marked 'armoury', a few computer rooms, and the aforesaid conference room. There are men with shotguns in black jumpsuits everywhere. Winston is waiting for Richard in the conference room.

WINSTON: First of all, Mr. DeFoe, you will be pleased to hear that we picked up your TNS quite easily. At the north end of our hideout you'll find our armoury; we're keeping your TNS and visor there. I'd advise you to get suited up.

The TNS and visor are indeed in the now-open armoury, as well as a lot of weapons and equipment. As soon as Richard has the visor, Winston speaks.

WINSTON: We liberated a whole bunch of weapons and TNS hypos from a Company storage facility. Take whatever you think you will need.

The armoury contains:

Truncheons (MELEE)

Tazer guns (HANDGUN)

9mm automatic rifles (RIFLE)

Sniper rifles (RIFLE)

Multi-use grenades (THROWN)

Pump-action shotguns (RIFLE)

Rocket launchers (HEAVY)

Plenty of ammunition for all of the above

1 x Large Regen Hypo

1 x Med Regen Hypo

5 x Small Regen Hypo

3 x Booster Hypo

2 x Resistance Hypo

1 x Stealth Hypo

1 x Stoneskin Hypo

5 x Phosphorescence Hypo

As soon as Richard leaves the armoury:

WINSTON: Now, make your way to the garage. We have a van waiting.

The van in the garage looks an awful lot like a Company van, and even has a briefing screen in the rear. When Richard is in, the doors close and the van's engines start up, and a picture of the Company laboratory complex appears on-screen.

WINSTON: I gather Commander Dunn wants me to brief you about the Company laboratories. The building in question is surrounded by guards and barbed wire in the middle of nowhere, but there's a weak spot at the rear of the facility where the fence is unguarded. I hate to have to ask this of you when you've only just woken, but you are still the only man who can use the TNS, and frankly you will need one to survive in there. As for the layout of the labs themselves, that is a complete mystery. There'll probably be a map somewhere inside.

A picture of an Environmental Regulator appears.

WINSTON: What you have to do is find some schematics of an Environmental Regulator and find out the exact nature of the Company virus; once we know this, we can formulate a plan of action accordingly. The journey may take a few hours, so please sit and be patient.

A minute or so later, everything fades.

LEROY: (static) DeFoe? Can you hear me, Def(static)

Fade up again.

LEROY: (static) I need to talk to y(static)

The van pulls up somewhere.

WINSTON: Ah, good, you're awake. We've parked a short hike from the Company laboratories so as not to cause suspicion. The complex is due north. Do hurry, Mr. DeFoe.

3.7.2 Science and Industry

Mission Objectives:

Get inside the Company laboratory complex.

Locate a map of the interior.

Acquire schematics on the Environmental Regulators.

Find out the nature of the Company's virus.

The rear doors open and Richard finds himself on a country road in the middle of green countryside. A northward heading will take our hero to the lab complex, surrounded in flat plains. There is a chainlink fence surrounding it with many guards and dogs patrolling. On each corner is a tower containing a sniper. A grenade or rocket can demolish a tower, which provides an entry point but brings forth all the guards in the vicinity (good distraction?). At the rear of the complex there is a little hole cut in the fence. The front exterior door leading to the reception area is of course heavily guarded and requires a key, which can be found in any of the four towers. There is a back door which requires the same key. There is also a way in via some subterranean tunnels, a mazelike forgotten sewer, the entrance to which is a pipe some distance away from the fence that flows into a country stream. The tunnels are, however, full of zombies (zombies explained later).

The laboratories contain a reception area, a canteen, toilets, a kitchen/lounge for the security guards and three separate research centres. Each centre is set up like a tower, with several storeys, small offices running around the outside and research labs in the centre. One of the labs is manufacturing the virus, another designs the Environmental Regulators, and the third studies the effect of the virus on people and animals. In other words, Chemical, Physical and Biological respectively. Each one has its own masterkey which opens all the labs and offices within, and the whole complex is well signposted. Needless to say, security personnel are absolutely everywhere. Unarmed scientists, if they see you, will run to the nearest guard or alarm to alert security to your presence. The subterranean tunnels lead to a floor grate in the toilets. There should also be a door marked 'AUDITORIUM' which cannot be opened, and a rather obvious vent somewhere in the Biological labs that leads to a locked grating through which Richard can see a stage.

Since this is a Company facility there should be plenty of hypos of all sorts scattered around.

The masterkey for the Chemical labs is on the person of one of the scientists, who is in the canteen. He can be killed or knocked out and the key retrieved from his body.

The masterkey for the Physical labs is in the subterranean tunnels, not too far from the entrance.

The masterkey for the Biological labs is in one of the offices in the Chemistry labs.

The map of the complex is in the security lounge, lying on a coffee table in front of a television. As soon as Richard gets it, it becomes a visor image.

Inside the Chemical labs the player will find scientists working with traditional chemical apparatus - bizarre glassware, many bottles containing different-coloured liquids.

The Physical labs contain bits of machinery strewn about everywhere, scientists working on them with welders and other nondescript tools. Of the three labs, these are probably the untidiest. The schematics the player needs are lying around on the floor in one of the engineering rooms.

Half of the Biological labs are devoted to holding cells for dogs and human prisoners, as well as zombie equivalents of same. Labs contain scientists in cleansuits working with bits of corpses. There should be areas where scientists make disembodied limbs twitch violently.

Conversations: the first is heard in the canteen, between two scientists.

A: You'll never guess what Percy over in physics did.

B: Surprise me.

A: Lost his masterkey for the Physics labs!

(A & B laugh uproariously for a long period)

B: How the devil'd he do that?

A: Said he dropped it down a grate in the bathroom!

(A & B laugh uproariously again)

B: Oh, dear. That's the funniest thing I've ever heard.

A: Yeah.

B: I'd never lose my key. Always keep it on me at all times. That's the trouble with those Physics chaps. No sense at all.


B: Do you ever get the feeling we're becoming a bit withdrawn?

A: How do you mean?

B: Well … we live in the labs, and we work here, too. When was the last time you went outside?

A: Erm … last October, I think. When we had that fire drill.

B: You see?

This one is heard between two more scientists in a Biology lab working on a corpse.

A: As usual, subject's brain is almost completely degraded away but for basic motor functions… some rigor mortis, but that's to be expected...

B: How long do you think it'd last?

A: Ooh, er, barring accidents, I'd say … round about … six years?

B: Hmm.

A: Will that not do?

B: Charlie's holding out for ten.

A: Charlie's a damn idiot.

B: He says he already has one that could hold out for eight. He's giving a demonstration this afternoon in the auditorium.

A: A demonstration?

B: Top brass have been arriving all day.

A: Well, I'd just like to see his face when his test subjects all fall apart in front of Upper Management.

B: Yeah, yeah.

A: I just don't like Charlie. I'm almost certain he's been tossing old formulas down the plughole without treating them first.

B: Oh, they never proved that. Besides, if he had, the cellars would be full of monsters by now.

A: Yeah, and when was the last time you went down there?

After hearing this, when Richard goes to the locked grate looking out over the auditorium, he will see the apparent Charlie on the stage and hear the bustle of an audience. Next to Charlie is a soundproof glass box containing a Company soldier, who looks very frantic. Richard will not be able to move while the demonstration takes place.

CHARLIE: Ladies and gentlemen, I have invited you here today to demonstrate the latest formula. As you know, at the moment our best formula can only kill off higher brain functions in living organisms. Our latest breakthrough not only does this, but can also stimulate basic motor skills in the recently dead.

(oohs from the audience)

C: Here we have a brave cadet who volunteered for this procedure when promised extra privileges (some titters from the audience). First of all, I am going to flood the chamber with a combination of nerve and cyanide gas, which will result in instant expiration.

Smoke enters the perspex box, the cadet dies immediately. A screen nearby showing a heart rate flatlines.

C: Complete braindeath, as you can see. Now, watch what happens when I introduce our latest formula, named BMG27171, to the deceased.

Green smoke floods the box rapidly, and dissipates rapidly.

C: As before, the virus replicates itself and can flood the entire interior of the box in less than a second. Once it has expanded as far as it can go, it dissipates almost instantly to a safe level. When it encounters organic tissue, it immediately begins breeding until the entire organism is infected.

The corpse, now rather grey of pallor, gets up slowly. It is now a zombie, and shuffles around moaning incoherently.

C: The subject retains only basic motor functions, so it can move around, and as before will viciously attack any unaffected organisms it encounters. However, thanks to a breakthrough in our research into slowing down decay, we project that these new zombies can live on for almost ten years before falling apart. I'm confident that this new formula will ensure that the Company reaches its goal with ease. Thank you for seeing our demonstration, and please have a safe journey back to base.

WINSTON: Oh my god. Richard, they … oh my god. We saw the whole thing through your visor. Those bastards … get back to the van as soon as your objectives are completed, Richard.

When Richard gets back to the van, the doors shut, the engines start and we hear the following:

WINSTON: Okay, we've been analysing the schematics of the Environmental Regulator. It's some kind of dispersal device which can project this virus up into the air and spread it over a wide radius. Richard, there are now enough Environmental Regulators to ensure that the entire world is infected with the virus. That's what the Company want to do. They're going to kill everyone, Richard. Kill everyone and start again. The only safe place will be in orbit. Listen, we've found schematics for an orbital space station the Company are building. If we can sabotage it, the Company's plans may be delayed for long enough to formulate another plan. Get some sleep. We're going back to base.

Fade out.


3.8 The Agony Of Choice

3.8.1 Leroy's Revelations

Fade up in the barracks of the base, all equipment except weapons still being held. Richard is free to explore. There are some Regen hypos in the infirmary he may find useful. A few seconds after this begins:

LEROY: (static) DeFoe? Can you hear me? It's Leroy. I've been trying to get through for hours. Listen to me: both you and the TNS were intercepted by an unknown source. The organisation you are currently working for is NOT the Anti-Company. It's not the Company either. We don't know what the hell it is, but we can find out. See if you can find some kind of master computer and get some information from it. I'll be in touch.

Mission objective:

Find the master computer and get information on this organisation.

Richard will encounter no resistance as he goes to one of the computer rooms, where a door to an adjoining office is locked. The key is on the table in the conference room. Inside the office is a large, important-looking computer. When used, Leroy speaks.

LEROY: Okay, I'm downloading some information now … aha … oh. DeFoe, you are in the presence of something called the Brotherhood of the Iron Fist. From what I can see here, it's some kind of vigilante group. Okay, find a way out of the base and see if you can work out where you are. We can send a team to pick you up.

When Richard tries to leave the computer room, he will find Winston blocking the path. Armed soldiers will appear behind Richard and block his escape.

WINSTON: It's alright. We know all about your friend Leroy and this little errand. Yes, we lied to you. We are not the Anti-Company. We used to be members of the Anti-Company, but now we are the Brotherhood of the Iron Fist. Listen. Leroy Dunn holds extremist views. He doesn't want to end the Company's tyranny. He wants to replace their regime with his own. Look, I know this is confusing for you. You and your TNS are being bounced from organisation to organisation and no-one's taking into account what you want. The Brotherhood is a just organisation, and if we forced you to help us we would be no better than the Company. So I want you to make up your own mind. Just relax, and I'll explain later.

Winston sprays Richard with the green vapour, and everything fades away.

3.8.2 Mixing the Signals

Richard awakens in a forest.

WINSTON: Richard, you are now in the middle of the Canadian wilderness. Not far from this point is a small Company communication tower. You'll recognise it by the satellite dish on the roof. There is a console on the top floor which will allow you to place subroutines in your visor that will block transmissions from certain sources. Obviously, we want you to block transmissions from the Company and the Anti-Company, but if you wish you may go back to working for the Anti-Company and block transmissions from us. The choice is up to you.

Mission Objectives:

Locate the console on the top floor of the communication tower.

Choose which organisation you wish to work for: the Brotherhood (stealth), the Anti-Company (puzzles) or the Company (action).

There is only one path through the forest, but it is quite lengthy. At some point:

LEROY: DeFoe, I hear you're going to decide who you're going to be working for now. Listen, that Winston probably made me out as one of the bad guys. Let me tell you what I want to do. I want to take control of the Environmental Regulators, and I do want to use the virus, but only in certain select places. Think about it. A virus sent to Company headquarters, some to the White House, Downing Street … all the centres of power. We can end the bureaucracy that cripples our planet and give the world back to the people. No more tyranny. No more oppression. It will begin a glorious new age for the human race. That is my goal. It will take men of great vision, of great intelligence, but I believe you are one of those men, Richard. Our option is the intelligent one.

Eventually Richard finds the tower. It is narrow and very tall, containing little more than stairs running around the interior wall. When Richard enters it:

AJ: Richard? AJ here. Remember me? I just received a message from someone called Winston saying you're trying to make a decision. Well, wouldn't you say that the sensible option would be to come back to us? We made you, Richard. We trained you and gave you that suit. The other organisations are weak. We are strong. Stronger than anyone else. Yes, we intend to destroy this sham of a human race and start again, and if you come back to me, I can ensure you a place in the orbital station. You'll have to fight for us against our enemies, and you will have to be strong, but you will survive to see a glorious new Eden. Think about it.

As Richard is climbing the stairs:

WINSTON: Richard, listen to these people. They're talking about killing innocents without a hint of remorse. If you agree with them, then I don't want you working for us anyway. If you don't, then let me tell you we WILL stop them. It may mean a lot more covert work on your part, but the cause is surely a noble one. It's up to you, now. Do the right thing.

The room at the top of the tower contains nothing but windows on all sides and a console in the centre. On it are three buttons; red, green and blue.

WINSTON: Okay, there are three buttons on the console. The red one will cut off all communication from the Company. Green cuts off the Anti-Company. Blue cuts us off. Take your time. Choose two buttons.

The player now decides the course of the last few missions of the game, which take place in the same locations but with different objectives. The Company missions are based chiefly around shooting, the Anti-Company's around puzzle-solving, and the Brotherhood's around stealth (this is hinted at in the three arguments, above). When the player presses a button, they hear the final plea from the corresponding organisation.

AJ: You ungrateful bastard! We're going to hunt you down, DeFoe. We're going to - (cut off)

LEROY: No, Richard, wait! Think about the glory of the - (cut off)

WINSTON: I see. You're as bad as them. I'll see you in Hell, Richard DeF - (cut off)

When one button remains, the console shuts down, no longer usable. Whichever of the three organisations the player has chosen now speaks.

AJ: I'm glad to see your sense of self-preservation prevailed. Those two silly little fringe groups could never have prevailed against our might. Get back outside. We'll send a chopper to pick you up.

LEROY: You've made a very wise decision, DeFoe. A few months from now, you and I will be sipping champagne in the empty palaces of the once-mighty bureaucrats. Get outside, there's a helicopter waiting to bring you back to England.

WINSTON: Whew. I was so tense for a moment there, Richard. But I suppose there was really only one choice a man of morals like yourself could have taken. There's a chopper waiting for you outside. Come back to base.

The chopper outside will take Richard back to whichever is the correct base. Fade out en route as per usual.


3.9 Death Zone

3.9.1 Briefing

The last part of this script is obviously going to be the hardest to write. The player awakens in his quarters in Company HQ, or in the Brotherhood barracks, or in a cabin on the Anti-Company's fishing trawler. He has no weapons, but inventory items, TNS and visor remain. The chosen superior addresses him over the communicator.

AJ: Well, now your little adventure is over, it's time to get back to work. We have a new assignment. Report to the transport bay ASAP.

LEROY: Glad to have you back with us, DeFoe. Meet me on deck and we'll discuss a mission that's just come up.

WINSTON: It's time to start bringing the Company down. An urgent assignment requires your attention. Stop by the armoury to load up on supplies, then come to the conference room.

In the transport bay/armoury/on the top deck there are numerous weapons and hypos waiting. The selections differ thusly: as well as shotguns, rifles and pistols the Company supplies heavy armaments like rocket launchers and a plasma rifle, as well as a couple of Stoneskin hypos, the Anti-Company provides grenades (explosive and phosphorous only) and a few melee weapons, and the Brotherhood supply gas/phosphorous grenades, stealth hypos and tazer guns. On the Anti-Company deck a chopper is waiting.

AJ: We're sending you into a bit of a deathzone, I'm afraid, Richard. We'll brief you when you get there, but you should load up on artillery first. Bear in mind you are expected to encounter large numbers of hostiles. Oh, and the boffins have got a prototype Plasma rifle they'd like you to test in the field. Whether you want to take it or not is entirely up to you. Once you're finished, get in the back of the van.

LEROY: Load up, DeFoe, with whatever you think you'll need. We're sending you to civvy street. A suburban area where the company have an Environmental Regulator. We know they intend to use this place to test their virus, and we can't allow slaughter to innocent people like that. We need you to find it and shut it down before the Company activate it. Get in the chopper, and I'll give you more information once you get there.

WINSTON: Action stations, Richard. The Company are going to test their Environmental Regulators. There's one in the middle of a suburban area that we are almost certain they're going to use. We need you to find it and disable it. Permanently. This ultimately isn't going to help our cause much, but we have to prevent this vile slaughter. There's a van waiting in the garage. I'll give you more information once you get to your destination.

When the player gets into the respective vehicle, fade out.

3.9.2 City Streets

Our hero is brought to a small section of city with several streets criss-crossing. In the Company mission there is a green haze in the air and the area is populated entirely with zombies and zombie animals. In the Anti-Company mission it's full of homeless civilians and some patrolling Company Enforcers. The Brotherhood mission only has large numbers of Company Enforcers. A map of the area is uploaded to Richard's visor in all three missions.

AJ: You'll be pleased to hear that we've tested the Environmental Regulator in this area of city and the results were a complete success. Every single living thing has either been zombefied or killed by the zombies. Oh, don't worry, Richard, the virus has long since dissipated, and the zombies are perfectly harmless so long as you don't let them get within biting distance. Unfortunately, after we walled off this entire area we discovered one of our engineers had been here at the time. He was carrying an information diskette which we need to examine. Your task is to find him and the disk. His last known location was at the Environmental Regulator, which you'll find on the roof of the multi-storey car park in the centre of the suburb. Terminate with extreme prejudice, and good luck.

Mission objectives:

Locate the Environmental Regulator

Locate the Company engineer and take his disk

LEROY: The Environmental Regulator is, I'm afraid, in an unknown location. You'll have to ask around among the local civilians, but steer clear of the armed Company Enforcers. As for the deactivation code, we know it's on the person of a Company engineer hiding somewhere in this sector. Find him and you'll find your code.

Ask around to acquire information on the Environmental Regulator

Acquire the deactivation code from the Company engineer

Deactivate the Environmental Regulator with the code

Avoid Company Enforcers

WINSTON: The Environmental Regulator is on the roof of a car park in the centre of your map. Destroy it with whatever weapons you have. The Company Enforcers have cleared the streets of civilians, and are patrolling to make sure no-one gets in the way of their fun. Keep out of their way.

Locate the Environmental Regulator

Destroy it by any means

Avoid Company Enforcers

The Company mission is simple enough - the player makes their way to the top of the car-park, killing numerous zombies, to find the Environmental Regulator, a note, and a key. The note reads:

"If anyone reads this - I'm holing myself up in no. 441, Bracknell Street. This key will open the door. Come find me. I'm not sure how long I can hold out."

Once the player gets to the house and opens the door, they find zombies inside and the engineer dead. The disk is on his person.

AJ: Well done, Richard. Shame about Langley, he was a gifted engineer … oh well. The chopper's waiting back on top of the car park. Get back to base.

The Anti-Company mission involves talking to civilians and avoiding - or killing - the Company enforcers. Most civilians don't know anything, but one or two will tell Richard that something that looks like the Environmental Regulator is on the roof of the car park. The door to the roof is locked, but a key can be found in the security guard's cubicle near the entrance. A few other civilians will tell Richard to look in the local bar for the engineer. There, the barman will tell him that the engineer left his keys there and hand them over. If the player uses the keys in his inventory the message "441 Bracknell Street" appears. When he gets there, the engineer will attack, so he must be killed. He has a piece of paper with the code for the Regulator. Now the player can use the Regulator.

LEROY: Excellent. The Regulator is in our control, now. There's a chopper waiting to pick you up at the end of Bracknell Street.

The Brotherhood mission is straightforward. There are Enforcers everywhere, and the player must sneak past them to get to the roof of the car park, using the key in the security cubicle as before. Once there, the Regulator will only take a few hits before being destroyed.

WINSTON: That should keep the population safe for the time being. We're sending a chopper to meet you outside the bar. Get there quickly.


3.10 The Final Countdown

3.10.1 Briefing

Richard awakens in the appropriate base, minus weapons.

AJ: Richard, there's no time to waste. Something's come up. It involves the orbital station, and requires immediate action. Get to the transport bay, grab as much weaponry as you can carry, then get into a van for briefing.

LEROY: Sterling work, DeFoe. While you were preoccupied, some of our hackers made something of a breakthrough. Come up on deck and we'll explain.

WINSTON: Richard, you've saved countless lives today, but it'll be for naught if we can't prevent the Company from inflicting their poison upon the rest of the world. We can't destroy all the Environmental Regulators, so we've come up with a better idea. Stop by the armoury to load up, then report to the garage and hop into one of the vans.

The armouries are pretty much the same as before. Once Richard has done what he has been told:

AJ: It seems the Anti-Company and that Brotherhood thing have pooled their resources and formed something of an uneasy alliance. Separate, constantly bickering, they were no real threat, but this complicates things. They have seized the orbital station, as well as the space elevator and the administration centre on Earth. Killed all the personnel. We need you and the other agents to go in and mop up. Kill them all, Richard. Leave none alive. The journey will take a few hours. Rest, now.

LEROY: It seems we have identified the location of the Company's space program administration centre. More than that, it has a space elevator leading up to their orbital station. The controls for the Environmental Regulator are on that ship. If you can get in, disable the security on the central computer, we can override all their functions and lock them out. The Environmental Regulators will be ours to control. They won't be able to do a thing. We can supply you with false papers to get you in and a Company science personnel uniform to wear over your TNS, but it won't bear close examination, so don't interact with anyone, keep your weapons holstered and try not to act suspicious. Maybe you'll be able to get through this without even setting the alarm off, but if they are alerted to your presence, offer no mercy. The chopper will take you to the base. Good luck, Richard DeFoe.

WINSTON: We have the location of the Company's orbital station. It's anchored to some kind of administration centre by a space elevator. It is from there that they intend to orchestrate the slaughter of mankind. We can't risk that the technology fall into anyone else's hands. Your mission is quite simple - you have to destroy the station. We will supply you with four remote explosive devices; each must be placed at a certain location on the ship to destroy the whole thing. We'll tell you where to put them once you get there, as you'll have to get in via the administration centre. The place will be crawling with guards, so stay alert, and try not to let them set off any alarms; that'll bring the whole security force down upon you. We'll arrive shortly. Get some rest.

3.10.2 Stairway to Heaven

Richard arrives some distance from the administration centre (for the Anti-Company and Brotherhood missions) or in the car park (for the Company). The admin centre is basically a large open-air compound with several structures and a big one with a tower reaching high up into the sky (it is night so we can't see the top). In the Brotherhood mission, the player is already supplied with four remote explosive devices and a remote detonator. In the Anti-Company mission, when Richard's arms are visible on-screen they are wearing white sleeves over the TNS. In the Company and Brotherhood missions, Richard is given a map of the compound.

AJ: Your orders are to shoot on sight. Leroy Dunn and Winston Mulgrew are already in the orbital station. Kill all hostiles before you proceed to the space elevator.

Mission objectives:

Kill all hostiles.

Once all threats are neutralised, proceed to the command centre take the space elevator to the orbital station.

LEROY: Okay, now remember, don't get too close to anyone or they'll realise you're not supposed to be here and set off the alarms. Now, you need to gain access to the command centre, where the space elevator is anchored. There should be an access card somewhere, or perhaps some kind of alternative entrance?

The Company personnel should be fooled by your disguise at a distance, but don't get too close.

Find a way into the command centre.

Take the space elevator to the orbital station.

WINSTON: Security everywhere, Richard. Be very careful. You have to find a way into the command centre in the middle of the compound, then from there take the space elevator. There should be an access card somewhere that will get you in, but keep an eye out for an alternative point of entry. Good luck.

Avoid all personnel.

Find a way into the command centre.

Take the space elevator to the orbital station.

The compound is composed of several structures. The aforementioned command centre (containing the entrance to the space elevator, some barracks and a large computer room), an armoury, operations centre (many computer rooms and offices), personnel facilities (canteen, lounge) and a couple of warehouses. In the Company mission all doors are unlocked and the place is crawling with Anti-Company and Brotherhood troops armed with machine guns, shotguns and rocket launchers. In the Brotherhood mission the armoury, operations and command centre are locked. The keycard for the command centre is in an office in the operations centre, and the key to operations is on a table in the lounge. Alternatively there is an entrance to a sewer tunnel in one of the warehouses, concealed among the many crates, which leads to a shower room in the barracks, but there will of course be plenty of guards around, and jumping puzzles involving dangerous biological waste in the sewer.

Brotherhood mission conversations; this one takes place between two technicians in the lounge:

A: I've been meaning to talk to you about security arrangements.

B: Oh yes?

A: It's the command centre. It's a little insecure for my liking.

B: Rubbish! I keep the access card on me all the time. Oh, wait, no, I left it in my office. Sorry, you were saying?

A: See, this is what I mean. Why does everyone have to have such a casual attitude to this?

B: Come on, we're the Company. Who'd be stupid enough to break in here?

A: The stupid are everywhere, Tom. Did you know there's a subterranean entrance to the command centre? Left unlocked, I might add!

B: Where?

A: I found an unguarded entrance in warehouse B. Oh sure, it's a bit hard to see but it's there, alright. Leads straight to the barracks in the command centre.

B: Come on, how long would someone live if they popped up in the barracks?

A: Most of the guards are out on patrol!

B: You worry too much, Aaron.

The Anti-Company mission is practically the same as the Brotherhood mission, but for the following differences: the key to ops is lying hidden almost underneath a vending machine in the canteen. The canteen is locked, and the key is on the person of a scientist in one of the warehouse offices. Alternatively, the player can access the canteen by using a series of crates to get onto the roof of the personnel facilities and entering via a ceiling duct. The sewer tunnel is still available, but the entrance is locked and the key is hanging up in a nearby office. The player can acquire a map of the compound in one of the ops offices, too.

Conversations: this takes place between two scientists just outside one of the entrances to the operations centre.

A: I'll be glad to get back to my office. Chilly out here.

B: You're telling me.


A: What's the problem?

B: Nothing, just can't remember which pocket I put my key in.

A: You always keep it in your trouser pocket, don't you?

B: It isn't there. I don't have it on me. I dropped it somewhere.

A: Oh, no. When did you have it last?

B: Well, I got up this morning, and put it in my trouser pocket. Wait, wait … I know I had it when I was in the canteen, 'cos I felt it in my pocket when I took out some money for the vending machine.

A: There you go, it probably fell out there. We'll go look for it later. In the meantime, let's just use my key.

B: Right.

They then enter the door, locking it behind them, and go to two different offices.

When the player has killed everyone or has arrived in the command centre, the entrance to the space elevator is unlocked and they are free to take it up. As they ascend rapidly, windows should open and they should be able to see the surface of the Earth drifting away. Finally, the elevator stops.

3.10.3 Engineering

AJ: This is the lower section of the space station, devoted to engineering and cargo facilities. The enemy are everywhere. Don't stop now, you're doing a fine job. As before, kill everyone you find. They're no match for a TNS-trained Company agent. When you're done, find an access port or an elevator to the upper levels.

Mission objectives:

Kill all hostiles.

When you are finished, locate a way to the upper levels.

LEROY: You're in the engineering section of the space station. You'll need to disable the distribution nodes here before you can turn over control of the central computer to us. There are three nodes in three separate locations somewhere on this deck. They should be signposted. Destroy them with whatever means you have, then get to the upper decks. And remember to stay away from all personnel!

Destroy all three distribution nodes.

When you are finished, locate a way to the upper levels.

WINSTON: Let's get to work, Richard. You're in the lower levels of the space station - the engineering decks. Two of your explosives need to go in the two weak points we have identified here. The first is at the rear of the starboard nacelle, and the second is in one of the distribution node chambers. They're both marked on the map we're uploading with red crosses. When both the bombs are planted, you can find a way to the upper levels to plant the other two. Whatever you do, don't use your remote detonator until all four bombs are planted. Security is still tight, so be on your guard.

Plant one of your explosives at the rear of the starboard nacelle.

Plant another in the portmost distribution node chamber.

When you are finished, locate a way to the upper levels.

The engineering section is quite large, and has much of the industrial feel about it. The three distribution node chambers are positioned in a triangle formation around the front section, and the two nacelles are at the rear. Aside from them there is also a reactor core for generating electricity, three large cargo bays and lots and lots of pipes and gantries. A map is uploaded in the Company and Brotherhood missions. In the Company mission, enemy soldiers are, again, everywhere and everything is unlocked. However, when the player enters one of the cargo bays, the door locks behind them.

LEROY: (over the tannoy) Hello, DeFoe, you piece of Company shit. We knew they'd be sending you up here at some point, so we prepared a little surprise especially for you.

A large door opens and a huge military robot armed with rocket launchers and twin chainguns stomps into the room.

LEROY: It's a Company X-14 cleanup droid, the best money can buy. And as soon as I press this button, it's going to turn against all company employees. That means you, DeFoe. If I were you I'd spend your last seconds thinking of how you could have spent your time better.

The droid now fires upon Richard, who must use the available crates as cover and fire everything he has into the thing. Eventually, it will be destroyed.

LEROY: Oh, real impressive, DeFoe. Why didn't you take that stupid suit off and fight it like a man? You disgust me. You really trust the Company after everything they've done to you? I'm so looking forward to meeting you again on the upper levels.

The Brotherhood mission involves being stealthy and planting the two bombs, but the node chambers are locked. The key can be found in the chief engineer's office.

The Anti-Company mission will be made tricky by the narrow corridors which may force the player to get close enough to a Company employee to be recognised. In this mission the player will also need to find the key for the distribution nodes. The chief engineer's office is locked and the key is on the person of the chief engineer, who can be found in the reactor core.

There are two ways up to the upper levels: a ladder leading up to an access port in one of the nacelles, and an elevator in more or less the centre of this section. They both become unlocked when the objectives are complete. Both lead to drastically different regions of the upper level.

3.10.4 Residential zone

AJ: Dunn and Mulgrew have holed themselves in the bridge. Your assignment is simple: locate and liquidate. They've overriden the security system and the doors, so you may have a bit of a job. There should be some kind of bridge control override switch somewhere in the computer operations centre.

Mission objectives:

Find the bridge control override switch.

Locate and assassinate Leroy Dunn and Winston Mulgrew.

LEROY: This is it, DeFoe, the final furlong. Everything hinges on you now. Find the computer operations centre. Once you find it, you'll have to enter a six-digit code into the security terminal before we can get into the computer systems. We don't know what it is, but they must have written it down somewhere for future reference.

Find out the six-digit passcode for the security terminal.

Locate the computer operations centre and disable security so that the Anti-Company can hack in and take control.

WINSTON: Okay, listen carefully. The last two explosive devices have to go in the observation lounge and laboratory 15 in the medsci section. We've marked them on the map we're uploading to your visor. Once they're planted, return to Engineering and get back on the space elevator. We can detonate the devices once you're safely back on terra firma.

Place an explosive in the observation lounge.

Place another in laboratory 15.

Return to the space elevator.

Once again, a map is uploaded in the Company and Brotherhood missions only. The upper levels have the following sections: the bridge, the computer operations centre, residential section, medical and science section and a few security rooms. The residential zone is huge, centered around a large hub with lush gardens and a spectacular statue in the centre. Rooms include several living quarters, an observation lounge, a restaurant, a bar, toilets, athletics area, all sorts. This last level is naturally going to be very large and full of enemies.

In the Company mission, a few ceiling-mounted turrets automatically fire upon you, but they can be destroyed. These turrets only go off in the other missions if the alarms are sounding. The computer ops section is locked, but a masterkey for the whole level is in the security room somewhere. Once the override switch has been pulled, the bridge opens and our hero comes face-to-face with Leroy and Winston.

LEROY: Aha. It seems death wears orange sunglasses.

WINSTON: Look, Richard, I think we understand why you went with the Company. You're scared of them, aren't you. No-one could blame you for that. Listen, we want to offer you a chance to redeem yourself.

LEROY: We've jammed your visor, so they can't see or hear what goes on in this room.

WINSTON: They want you to kill us, don't they? Listen. There's a tazer gun on the pilot's console. Use it to render us unconscious and we'll unjam your visor. The Company will think we're dead, but we can remain on this ship to take down the Company from within.

LEROY: Why are you bothering, Winston? He's just a company monkey. As soon as we're finished talking he's going to gun us both down like a good little teacher's pet.

WINSTON: You're wrong, Leroy. Richard's a good man, I know he is. Well, Richard? What's your answer?

What Richard does now dictates which of the two Company endings the player receives. He can either kill them both or render them both unconscious. When he does so, AJ speaks.

AJ: (static)ichard? We lost contact with you for a second. Ah, I see you have completed your objectives. Well done. We had our doubts about you … but it seems you've proved yourself the asset we always knew you were. Well, we've got control of the station back … and since you're already here, you may as well make yourself at home. All the Company staff are being brought up today; we're activating the Environmental Regulators tomorrow morning. We're starting things from scratch. Putting an end to the ridiculous world mankind has made. It'll be a new Eden, and men like you and I are king. You've been assigned apartment 16. Why don't you go check it out?

(now see section 3.11.1: Company endings)

In the Anti-Company mission, there are three scraps of paper which must be found, each of which bears two numbers from the security code required. One is in the captain's quarters, one is on the person of an officer in the laboratories, and the third is in one of the security rooms. The residential zone and science section both have a masterkey which can be found in the nearest security room. When the code has been found and successfully entered into the security console, the alarm goes off.

LEROY: Blast. We've got control of the Environmental Regulators, but not much else. You've set off an automated alarm. Get back to the space elevator ASAP.

Now the player must fight their way back through the level, through Engineering and to the space elevator, attacked instantly by everyone they encounter. When they are in the elevator and making their way down:

WINSTON: (static) Richard? It's Winston. I'm patching myself through an old Anti-Company frequency to talk to you. Please, think about what Leroy will do. He's going to take out the centres of power and rule the world, and he doesn't care who dies before he gets what he wants. You really want to be with this guy? Listen, he's going to meet you at the base of the space elevator to take you back to his base. If you want to prove yourself the good man I think you are, kill him. Gun him down where he stands. The Anti-Company will be lost without him. I'm begging you, Richard. This is your chance to stop the reign of a tyrant before it starts.

(now see section 3.11.2: Anti-Company Endings)

In the Anti-Company mission, all the laboratories are locked and the keycard must be acquired from the Science Officer's quarters. The player will learn this from a conversation overheard between a technician and a scientist in the labs.

A: Excuse me, sir? I need to vacuum around the laboratories, but I can't get in.

B: Of course you can't, those labs are top secret. You'll need to get the keycard from the Science Officer.

A: Where can I find him?

B: Oh, I don't know, he went off shift a while ago. Can't you clean up in there tomorrow?

A: We're doing the engineering decks tomorrow. We've got a schedule. More than my job's worth -

B: Okay, okay. He might be in his quarters. Apartment number 7. Got that?

A: Apartment number 7. Right.

Once the bombs are planted:

WINSTON: Excellent. Now, get back to the space elevator as soon as possible. We'll detonate the devices as soon as you're safely off that ship.

But, while the player is going through the Engineering section:

WINSTON: Oh … oh no. You must have scared them. The Company have started the countdown for the Environmental Regulators. If the station isn't destroyed in the next few minutes, the virus is going to be released! Richard, you're carrying a remote detonator. I want you to … no. No, I can't ask you to detonate the devices while you're still on the station. Get to the space elevator as soon as you can and maybe we can limit the damage.

(now see section 3.11.3: Brotherhood Endings)


3.11 Endings

3.11.1 Company Endings

When Richard arrives at his quarters and moves up to the bed, whether or not he killed Winston and Leroy, fade out. Fade up the following morning.

AJ: Richard, I thought you might want to see this. Look out of your porthole.

When the player does so, they see the Earth's surface. After a second, green haze appears over the land masses and spreads quickly.

AJ: There it is, Richard. The end of an era. It's all starting for us. A new beginning. Now all we have to do is wait ten years for the zombies to finish off the stragglers and die themselves, and we can get to work.

Ending 1: The New Eden

(if Winston and Leroy are dead)

Fade out.

Text message: "JANUARY 1st, 2016"

Fade up. Richard is without his TNS, visor and carrying nothing. He is in a corridor in engineering, in front of a sign reading 'TO THE SPACE ELEVATOR'. Several people are heading in that direction. When Richard arrives at the space elevator, AJ is waiting.

AJ: Come on, Richard, you're on this shipment. Don't dawdle, I'm anxious to see what the world is like down there.

When Richard enters, the elevator begins to descend.

AJ: At long last. After all these years, finally we can begin repopulating. I must say, that's the part of this I've been particularly looking forward to.

Long pause as the elevator descends.

AJ: Hey, Richard, I don't think I've told you this? The virus had a secondary function. Once the zombies all die out, worldwide plant growth is artificially stimulated. A little extra requested by us romantic types.

Finally, the elevator doors open, revealing a lush rainforest paradise, punctuated with the chitter of insects and the cry of birds.

AJ: Welcome, friends, to the New Eden.

Fade out. Roll credits.

Ending 2: Late Vengeance

(if Winston and Leroy were spared)

Just after the world is seen to be poisoned:

AJ: (crash) Hey, who are you? What are you doing in here? This area is closed to - (gunshots) Aaaaah! (thump)

LEROY: Richard, you idiot! Why didn't you say the Company were planning to set the Regulators off today? I knew we couldn't trust you. Well, we know something the Company doesn't. We know that you still have a kill-chip in your head.

There is a sharp buzz, and Richard collapses. Fade out.

Fade in, and keep fading in and out. Two shadowy shapes loom over Richard.

WINSTON: What the hell did you do that for, Leroy?

LEROY: He let billions of people die. I was acting on impulse.

WINSTON: What if he didn't know about the Company schedule? I wouldn't think -

LEROY: Shut your hole, Mulgrew. We should have thought twice before we killed everyone on this station. Now we're the last two human beings alive.

WINSTON: Last three.

LEROY: What?

WINSTON: He's still alive, look. The kill-chip must have been damaged in surgery.

LEROY: So he is.

Leroy produces a gun.

WINSTON: No, wait -

Gunshot. Blackout.

Roll credits.

3.11.2 Anti-Company Endings

When Richard arrives back at the administration base, it's full of Anti-Company soldiers and all the Company personnel are dead. A soldier at the base of the elevator addresses Richard.

SOLDIER: DeFoe, right? Leroy's waiting in the car park. Hurry up, we're going to blow up the space elevator.

As soon as Richard gets to the car park, there is a van waiting with Leroy standing next to the rear entrance. When the player approaches, a massive explosion rocks the compound, and the space elevator is seen to collapse.

LEROY: Ah, what a glorious sight. Now the Company are up there in orbit, powerless to do anything but watch as we carve the world into our own image. You've done well, Richard DeFoe. I admit I wasn't sure, but you've done us all proud today. Get into the van. There's a hero's welcome waiting for you on the boat.

Now, Richard can either kill Leroy and get into the van, or get into the van without killing him. Either way, fade out.

Ending 1: Better to rule in Hell…

(if Leroy was not killed)

Text message: "AUGUST 3rd, 2007"

Fade up. Richard is unarmed and without visor or TNS. He is in the back of a large open truck, sitting opposite Leroy and surrounded by armed black-clad soldiers. Leroy is very smartly dressed. The truck is driving through the streets of a delapidated city, in which ragged people lie around in the streets, some huddled around braziers.

LEROY: About time you woke up, Richard, we're nearly there. I suppose it's time I told you what this is all about. Winston Mulgrew. We've found him. He's holed up in some old hotel with a load of his supporters. We've already got a platoon laying siege to the place, but I gather Mulgrew has more people in his little army than we thought. Personally, I will be very glad when the devil is executed. This little rebellion of his has been stirring up a lot of bad feeling. He will make a very fine example. (we hear gunfire and explosions, and the truck swerves. Leroy turns towards it) What the hell was -

Huge explosion. The truck tips, and everyone goes flying. Everything goes black. We hear gunfire and screaming. Eventually, fade in gradually. Richard is lying in a pool of blood on the pavement, unable to move. A pair of black leather combat boots walk into view. Richard looks up to see Winston Mulgrew pointing a machine gun at his head.

WINSTON: Better to rule in Hell…

He fires. Blackout.

Roll credits.

Ending 2: …than serve in Heaven

(if Leroy is dead)

Fade up on deck on the Anti-Company boat. Dr. Keanrick and a few other soldiers are gathered around Richard.

KEANRICK: I can't believe what you're telling me. Leroy's dead? It seems so unbelievable, he was always so careful. What are we going to do now? He was our leader, he was the one who had all the plans! Sir … what do you want us to do now?

Fade out.

Text message: "A FEW MONTHS LATER"

Fade up in a busy city square. Lots of people milling around. We hear their bustle, the laugh of children, buzz of traffic etc. Richard is apparently sitting on a bench. He can't move but he can look around. Eventually, Winston Mulgrew emerges from the crowd and sits next to him.

WINSTON: I hear you disbanded the Anti-Company. I guess that makes sense. The Company's drifted away into space, and you can't really have an Anti-Company without it. I've already assigned the Brotherhood to tracking down the Environmental Regulators and dismantling them. We'll be sticking around for a while yet. The people can always do with someone to watch over them.

(long pause)

WINSTON: Not talking? Nah, I guess not. You always struck me as the strong, silent type. You've got a lot to be proud of, you know. Saving the world, and everything. No-one knows you did it, no-one's going to pin a medal to your chest, but you did it, nevertheless. Any thoughts to what you're going to do now?

RICHARD: Go home.

Fade out. Credits.

3.11.3 Brotherhood endings

Richard is still on the space station, and can either get to the space elevator, or use the remote detonator to blow the place while he's still on it, sacrificing himself.

Ending 1: A Noble End

(if Richard blows the place himself)

Massive explosion. The whole station shudders violently. Alarms going off everywhere.

WINSTON: Richard! I can't believe you … The Company is destroyed, the Environmental Regulators are useless! You did it, Richard DeFoe! I salute y-

Big explosion whites everything out for a second. When Richard sees again, he is in space, drifting away from the station which he sees explode a second later. His visor screams error messages until everything blacks out. Roll credits.

Ending 2: Poisoned Lands

(if Richard gets to the space elevator)

Half-way down the elevator, there is a big explosion and the whole thing shudders. When it arrives at the floor, the doors open. The compound is deserted and when Richard gets outside he finds a green haze in the air.

WINSTON: Richard … we couldn't stop the regulators. The Earth is infected. We were able to seal our base just in time, but everyone else is either dead or a zombie. If the virus has dispersed and isn't affecting you … come find us. It's going to be a long wait.

Fade out. Roll credits.