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Adventures in the Galaxy of Fantabulous Wonderment is my latest attempt to stretch the potential of Adventure Game Studio. As well as having a standard adventure game plot, the game also incorporates a space trading sim, free-roaming throughout three galactic zones, sidequests, and all sorts of ways to faff about on the way to following the main storyline.


Click HERE to download Adventures in the Galaxy of Fantabulous Wonderment (approx. 2.5Mb) from Underdogs, thus sparing this site's poor bandwidth

Another mirror from RealityBlights: here

Current version: 1.1.3 (view changes log)


It is a time of turmoil in the galaxy. Following the disappearance of the Defender of the Universe, the Galactic Presidency has been dissolved and anarchy reigns. With the galaxy divided into three distinct zones, the Galactic Police and the Culthorpe pirate family are engaged in a cold war from across the Lifeless Zone. Life has never been more dangerous for the people of the universe, doubly so for those who make a living flying from planet to planet. And to make matters worse, an invisible conspiracy is threatening life itself.

None of which means anything to Daniel Gordon, earthling and wage slave, whose major concern is keeping hold of his pension plan. That is until he is unexpectedly abducted by the galaxy's premier employment agency and finds himself stuck with a crew of misfit mercenaries on a cargo transporter built more like a skip with thrusters. Will he get back to Earth in time for the meeting with his boss? Or will his adventure be cut short?


Simply enough, unzip all the files to a new folder on your hard drive (eg C:/GFW). Reading the manual first would probably be a good idea. Run winsetup.exe to configure sound and video, then run gfw.exe to begin.


In Galaxy of Fantabulous Wonderment, you can do all this and more!

Trade goods to make money!

Meet interesting new people and kill them!

Explore the three galactic zones!

Send Redshirts to their doom on hostile worlds!

Visit familiar locations such as Itegen 5 and Tarabis 6 from the Rob Blanc games, and the Centre of Justice from YTOTW!


Aw, game too hard for widdle woo woo? Here's a text-based walkthrough so you don't have to bother me about it.

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