Yahtzee's Dev Diary - In mid-2019, I set myself the ultimate solo game developer challenge: create 12 full games in 12 months, each one in some way an innovative game concept, releasing each one for free download alongside a video diary. Who would have thought I would actually succeed? (Note: I am writing this before having succeeded) Come on over and join me for this strange odyssey of self-abuse. Or just come over and play a whole bunch of weird new games I've made.
The games so far:
1/12 Preflight Panic
2/12 BRTV
3/12 Upbeat
4/12 The Life of Erich Zann
5/12 Hogpocalypse Sow
6/12 The Cleaner
7/12 The Button That Ruins Everything
8/12 Casey Joint
9/12 Hold The Phone
10/12 Something's In The Sea
11/12 The Magic Poo Machine

Hatfall - It's the official Zero Punctuation game! Put on hats! Run under the hats! Spend the hats! Make love to the hats! Be repeatedly chastised for failing to put on the hats!

The Consuming Shadow - A 'Survival Horror Roguelike'. With only 72 hours to go before an evil ancient god enters the world and slaughters humanity, can you gather the banishment ritual and figure out their identity without losing your body and mind?

Poacher - my first game made with Game Maker, a Metroidvania open-world platformer in which unflappable Yorkshireman Derek Badger journeys through a mysterious underground kingdom to get embroiled in an ancient war between two factions of spirit people and rescue his gamekeeper friend.

Trilby: The Art Of Theft - an attempt to broaden my horizons into more gameplay-based games rather than story-based, AoT is a platform game in the 1213 engine with mission-based stealth gameplay. Hosted generously by the Escapist, and supported by a modest fanbase who hang around this fan forum here.

6 Days A Sacrifice - the long-awaited fourth and final game of the John DeFoe quadrilogy. It ties up all three previous episodes so don't even try understanding this game without playing through all the others first. Council inspector Theodore Dacabe is sent to investigate the headquarters of a fad religion and finds himself embroiled in the machinations of destiny.

Trilby's Notes - the third game in the John DeFoe series (eventually a quadrilogy), which expands the storyline and connects 5 Days and 7 Days. Master thief turned paranormal investigator Trilby follows the trail of John DeFoe's soul idol to a small hotel in Wales, where he discovers the dark history of the cursed wood.

1213 - Another game derived from my experiments with AGS, 1213 is a psychological adventure in the style of Flashback, as in running shooting climby up ledges etc. It's about an amnesiac who wakes up in a cell not knowing how he - hey, where're you going? It gets better, honest!

Adventures in the Galaxy of Fantabulous Wonderment - Just about the only full game thus far produced by my experiments in using AGS to create different genres and play styles. GFW is an open-ended adventure where you are free to faff about doing other things in between following the main storyline.

7 Days A Skeptic - The sequel to 5 Days A Stranger. Four hundred years into the future, the scoutship Mephistopheles and its crew of six discovers something it should have left alone.

5 Days A Stranger - A cat burglar breaks into a supposedly deserted country mansion, only to find himself imprisoned along with four strangers by a mysterious force. A nice nasty horror game with some murders and gore, with the distinction of being the... er... sixth complete game I've made with AGS.

Age of Evil - If you don't own Duke Nukem 3D Atomic Edition version 1.4 or 1.5, give this one a miss. If you do, congratulations! You belong to the elite few who can play this, a horror comedy themed Duke Total Conversion which replaces boring old macho Duke with a smartarse Brit.

No Experience Necessary - This isn't a game at all, but rather a script for a highly derivative FPS game based loosely on one of my abandoned novel attempts. I'm hoping some game developer will notice it and pay me oodles of money to make it. I am something of a blind optimist.

The Trials of Odysseus Kent - This game technically shouldn't exist since I wrote it after I gave up making games, but here it is. Life will find a way, I guess.

The Rob Blanc Trilogy - The three adventures of everyday joe Rob Blanc and his green-haired sidekick Paul as they travel throughout the galaxy writing wrongs and making bad jokes. They are a tribute to the old Sierra games of yesteryear. I say that to excuse the fact that the entire universe is drawn in MS Paint. If you wish to draw my attention to the 'I don't know where to go' bug in Rob Blanc 2, please don't, as ninety-three million people have beaten you to it.

The Arthur Yahtzee Trilogy - Three curiously long adventures again drawn in MS Paint and badly programmed in Visual Basic 3. I wrote them so long ago that I didn't have internet access at the time and had to let a friend make a site for them. That site went down (thank heaven for small mercies), so I got hold of the games, uploaded them to the FullyRamblomatic server and a good time was had by all.

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