My name is Trilby.

Four years ago I was involved in the DeFoe Manor Incident. I and four other individuals were trapped inside a manor house by some kind of supernatural intelligence; a dark wraith with murder on its mind, the ghost of the original owner's youngest son.

I was trapped inside DeFoe Manor for five days. I was forced to do something I can never forgive myself for. Possessed I may have been, but I was still watching through my eyes a man dying at my hands...

Three of us got out alive. Me, Simone Taylor, and Jim Fowler. The place burnt to the ground as we escaped, but ever since then I have been haunted by the possibility that John DeFoe was not at rest, that the idol that contained his soul would have survived the blaze, and still be out there somewhere...

July, 1997. My darkest fears have been confirmed. Another innocent lies dead. The idol did survive the fire. The only good news is that I know where it is. I have come to this hotel on this isolated Welsh island to find the soul of John DeFoe and see it destroyed, utterly and completely. Only then can I rest easy.

But I can't shake the feeling that there is more to this than the ghost of one retarded youth. Was it really pure will alone that brought such a weak, mindless creature back as such a dangerous wraith? It doesn't seem likely at all...

I wonder what lies below the surface...

The Special Edition

A Special Edition of Trilby's Notes is now available for a small donation of at least 5 dollars American to my Paypal account. Additional features include author commentary, the full soundtrack with composer notes and prototype tracks, the Books of Chzo in Word format and an extended ending scene. If you'd like to play the version all the cool kids play, head over to my donation page to pay and receive the download URL just click here, I guess.

Alternatively, just download the normal boring version.

CLICK HERE to download Trilby's Notes for Windows
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