by Ben 'Yahtzee' Croshaw

"Today, the mind of the Bridgekeeper shall meet with its destiny..."
- The Book of the Bridge

6 Days A Sacrifice is the fourth and final instalment of the John DeFoe series, which thus far has encompassed 5 Days A Stranger, 7 Days A Skeptic and Trilby's Notes. Since this game is intended to tie up the loose ends left behind by the three previous episodes, it is highly recommended that you play through all of them first.

b a c k g r o u n d


- The DeFoe Manor Incident takes place. Trilby, the master thief, successfully destroys the body of vengeful wraith John DeFoe and escapes his clutches. (5 Days A Stranger)

- After being caught in a reality shift at the Clanbronwyn Hotel, Trilby learns the nature of the Ethereal Realm and the Scientific Realm, of the demonic deity Chzo, and the plan to create a bridge between the realms by destroying the three aspects of John DeFoe. He has the Soul blasted into space to prevent that from happening, but this only serves as a delaying tactic. Meanwhile, Chzo's acolyte, Cabadath, aka the Tall Man, crosses over to the Scientific Realm to orchestrate the building of the Bridge. (Trilby's Notes)


- The Soul is recovered by the scoutship Mephistopheles, floating unprotected in space. After John DeFoe's influence kills off the entire crew save one, Dr. Jonathan Somerset, the Soul is finally destroyed in the ship's engines. It is then discovered that Somerset is an impostor, and he is arrested. (7 Days A Skeptic)

TODAY: JULY 22nd, 2189

- Theo DaCabe, a surveying officer for Buckinghamshire County Council, is assigned to run a routine health and safety assessment on the headquarters of a fad religion called Optimology. Little does he realise that he is about to be caught up in the machinations of destiny, and a plot that has simmered for two centuries.

s p e c i a l - e d i t i o n

The Special Edition of 6 Days A Sacrifice is now available for a small donation of 5 dollars American. Everything that's in the free version, plus:

- Author commentary
- Soundtrack with composer notes
- Expanded ending sequence
- STP / Ministry of Occultism classified files

Head over to the donation page for details on how to send me all your money. Actually just download it for free now.

d o w n l o a d

Click here to download 6 Days A Sacrifice for Windows (approx 2Mb, play manual included) (thanks RoushiMSX for hosting)

Mirror - thanks Dennis Ploger

c o u n t d o w n

In the runup to the release of 6DAS, I wrote and realised a trilogy of brief text adventures to foreshadow the plot of the eventual game. You can still download them from here. They require a Zmachine interpreter like Winfrotz to play.

Download countdown 1: the Body
Download countdown 2: the Soul
Download countdown 3: the Mind

c o n t a c t

Email me via this page if you have any issues with the game.

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