Yahtzee loves to read your e-mail, and you want to make Yahtzee happy, don't you? To make Yahtzee even more happy, please take note of the following things.

1. Yahtzee is now aware of the fact that Bruce Campbell WAS in Evil Dead 1, contrary to what he said in his review of Evil Dead 2. Please stop reminding him of this.

2. Yahtzee is also fully aware of the bug in Rob Blanc 2 which causes an unbreakable loop if you try to go left of the castle. You can get around this bug if you do everything in the castle and village area first.

3. Girls: Please do not offer yourself to Yahtzee. He found that this got old very fast.

4. If you intend to mail Yahtzee on the subject of asking for help with 5 Days A Stranger, USE THE BEAR ON THE SALT, THEN ON MATTHEW'S BED. Jesus CHRIST.

5. Yahtzee has a busy, hectic playboy lifestyle, so his replies to any mail you send may be rather curt. He is not trying to be rude.

6. If you intend to send an insulting mail peppered with misspelt swear words and shocking, unfounded accusations of possessing an alternative sexuality, kindly forget about it and jam a blunt fork into your eye.

7. If you wish to complain that Yahtzee seems to have a massive ego problem, go and look up 'irony' in the dictionary. Then jam a blunt fork into your eye.

8. I don't do guest updates anymore because I'm keeping the site as a personal online portfolio now. So stop sending them.

Bearing all this in mind, and if you still want to mail Yahtzee, click here!

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