Alrighty then. A little history.

Some time ago (quite a long time ago, in fact) I was regularly posting chapters on my website of my first 'proper' novel, Articulate Jim: A Search for Something. But I stopped after chapter nine, as I was hoping to get it published, and left the story hanging.

Now, having failed to get anyone interested in it, I have had me a revelation ("This should be good," I hear you mutter). Why the hell am I trying to get a novel published? I'm twenty buggering years old, that's what some people would consider getting a little ahead of myself. I've noticed I get better at writing as I get older, so it makes more sense to leave publication for later life. For now, I write for practise, or my own amusement.

That's why I decided to just post the entirety of Articulate Jim on the site. Doesn't seem to be any point in keeping it to myself, and people have been asking for it. So here it is, all twenty-four chapters, fully edited and ready. Just to clarify, this is a full length novel, over 120,000 words, and you shouldn't really expect to get through it in one session without some kind of miraculous time-slowing device.

Now that's over with, click here to read!

Or alternatively, click here to download the MS Word document (zipped up).

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