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Chums of mine

The Escapist - online gaming magazine who pay me to run my Zero Punctuation reviews. Go and take a look around and click on, like, a million ads so they can pay me more money. - the homepage of the brothers Redcloud who took me in from Yahoo Geocities, cleaned the dirt off my clothes, gave me a page and made me one of them. They even hosted for me and showed me how to get it started. I used to do an article every Friday for these wonderful people, and I still do, but now it's up here instead. - the blog of L&E's Chefelf, or Nate to his friends. Chefelf is the chief liaison officer between myself and L&E and was instrumental in starting up I love him like a transatlantic brother.

Polymorph Want A Cracker? - Lefty, poster of messageboards and despoiler of women, is responsible for this mess of comics, programming projects and humour. I particularly enjoy the Tripeman epics.

Heccubus' Domain - Heccubus and his chums attempt to make the world a better place one MS Paint comic at a time. - A good friend of mine from the AGS days, Phil has moved off into the world of writing novels and actually getting the damn things published. Damned if I can work that out, but it's my new mission in life to catch up with him. - A site run by my sometime internet chum Datazoid, or Russ as his mum insists on calling him. It becomes even funnier when you realise what the title means.

Sites I enjoy - Sean O'Reiley is the funniest man on the Internet. And if you can read all the way through this site and still disagree with me afterwards, then you're either blind or not allowed outside without nurse supervision. - The second of the two sites that chiefly inspired me to make this one, SA has updated daily for as long as I can remember with observations and articles and bitching about money.

Solid Sharkey - The place to go if you have even a passing interest in humour and visiting a site every day in the vain hope that it will have updated for once.

Weebl and Bob - It's because of these cartoons that for the last few years the simple exclamation of the word 'pie' has reduced me to a weeping pile of mirth.

8-bit Theatre - In the face of webcomics like this, faith in my own ability to run a webcomic as good was quickly lost.

Playground Law - I challenge you to look through the archives of this bizarre resource site and not at least once think to yourself, "Hey, my school was like that." - Although it hasn't been updated since the Great Fire of London, there are still plenty of archives here that will provide endless amusement if you, like me, think that the word 'poo' is just inherently funny.

Platinum Grit - This is the funniest, least appreciated comic in the Milky Way galaxy, and I will hear no argument.

Not My Desk - Chris Livingston takes regular and lengthy holidays from the internet, but his presence still lingers on between the archives of his temping site and his new blog. Let's hope he stays for good this time.

Little Fluffy - A bunch of close-knit internet humourists get together to educate the world in wasting everybody's time.

Sites pertaining to my games

Monkeygames - These fellows host and offer support for a number of my games, so they deserve your patronage. I also hear they have some other games on their website, too. Versatile men indeed!

Adventure Game Studio - The miraculous utility with which I made all my adventure games. To earn friends in this community, all you have to do is go to the forum and start throwing my name around.

Home of the Underdogs - Probably the best site to go to if you are tortured by a memory of some childhood computer game and can't quite put your finger on the title. Some of my games are featured, so they earn points there, too.


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