Chris Quinn from Age of Evil and Trilby from 5 Days A Stranger turn into Final Fantasy sprites and band together to get up to wacky hijinks! This is the greatest idea EVER!

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Full name: Christopher Davisham Quinn

Occupation: Demon hunter

Interests: Violence, alcohol, and combinations of the two

Personality problems: Unhealthy fascination with firearms and their various applications, combined dangerously with the recklessness of a mudslide

Recommendation: Keep him as far away from the rest of humanity as possible, preferably somewhere with no sharp objects


Full name: Withheld

Occupation: Cat burglar / gentleman thief

Interests: Other people's riches, dangling from ceilings, theatre

Personality problems: Callous and calculating, obsessive compulsion to line pockets, zero patience for people like Chris Quinn

Recommendation: Could conceivably become a normal and productive member of society just as soon as he controls 100% of all the world's wealth


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