'Misery Gale'
(triangle, triangle, triangle)

Seas of smirking faces
I bow my head before them

Their mockery swirls around me
Picking at my clothes
A wind of razors cutting deep
How I hate this
How I hate Miss Peterson
How she has longed for this
For the day
When I would hand my homework in late
And she could throw me to this horror

Tomorrow my knife will pierce her neck
And blood will rain down upon my tormentors
Perhaps they will see things differently
Through the curtain of scarlet

'Tempest of Agony'
(triangle, triangle, square, square, square)

A cloud of scarlet pain
I fall into its depths
Voices in the distance call my name
But I do not

My life bleeds from me
The darkness encroaches
The ambulance will not get here in time
Why did I think
it would be a good idea
to cut myself with a pizza slicer

'Angel Drop'
(square during vertical wallrun)

The cake
is vanilla

I asked
for chocolate

The tears
They will not

'Azad's Furious Retaliation'
(square, square, triangle, triangle, square, square)

A red face bears down on me
I'm so sorry Azad
I forgot to feed your tropical fish
While you were in Benidorm
And now they float at the top of the tank
Like autumn leaves on a pool of tears

I feel your rage Azad
Your sultry boiling fury
But nothing you do to me
Will bring back Mr. Bubbles

My pleas fall on deaf ears
I go to bed that night
With another new arsehole

'Harassing Cyclone'
(triangle, square, square, triangle, triangle)

His hands are upon me
He rapes me with words
How I loathe him
His sickly triumphant smile
As his fingers once again
Reach for my breasts

'You shouldn't dress like that
if you don't want it,'
He says with oily hateful words
The others turn a blind eye
Even Captain Magnificent
What was I thinking
When I joined this superhero team

'Oblivion Twister'
(triangle, square, square, square)

I see them come in
To this branch of KFC where I work
Their macho contempt clear in their every word
Take your tortilla-wrapped chicken
And your eleven secret herbs and spices
Go to your table
And make your cutting sniggers
Today you will not upset me

Just you wait
Until you discover
What I put in the lettuce

'Column Shredder'
(triangle while moving towards column)

'What is this rubbish?'
Demands my editor
Holding my work in her fingertips
Like it is made of something nasty
And she is afraid to touch it

'You were supposed to write about the dog show!
Not depressing poetry!
I can't print this!
This is a local newspaper!'
She has no understanding
Like so many of her kind
Of high art

I watch her
March angrily to the garbage disposal
A single flick of her painted nail
And somewhere, a fairy dies


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