So, my girlfriend gives me the idea to do a faux Hostess Pie advert using Rorschach, the coolest character in the comic 'Watchmen'. So here it is. Before we get to it, however, some things I think should be clarified.

If you don't know what the Hostess Pie ads are, or why they're such an easy target for mockery, then you can't have read Seanbaby's excellent page on the subject. Shame on you! You call yourself a reader of internet humour? Begone from this place and don't come back until you've checked it out.

If you don't know what Watchmen is, that's a little more understandable if you're not into comics, but if you are into comics, shame on you again! It's by Alan Moore, and is one of the most important comic series of all time. Part superhero parody, part social commentary, all rip-roaring yarn. Here's some related links.

Buy Watchmen from
The Watchmen Annotations
Watching the Detectives
The Alan Moore Fan Site

So anyway, with all that in mind here's the comic. Which I made. I MADE IT.

(For all you smartarses who noticed that the image URL has a 2 on the end, feel free to see what rorschach1.gif was. It's the uncoloured, untexted original I uploaded to show to someone. Maybe you could print it out and colour it with crayons, if you're into that sort of thing)

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